skinny tomato bluesHello, I am a skinny July tomato.  When I was planted, I was so cute.  All bunchy and eager.  You know, about 4 inches tall and just straining to get this growing thing going.  I had dreams of round, fat tomatoes singing in the sun and waiting to be picked for the table.

The earth I was planted in was really well prepared.  All the weeds were removed and the earth was crumbly just like gardeners and tomato plants like me LOVE.   The crumbly earth gives me so much room for my roots which help me grow strong and hold all those heavy plump tomatoes. Oh, and the compost used to fertilize me was ever so tasty and nutritious.  Yummy. 

Summer is a good time.  Not only do I get to do my tomato growing thing, but lots of humans come and visit me.  I notice that at the beginning of the season they fuss with each other about water and soil and pests.  As the days get longer and I get bigger, they relax knowing that the tomatoes are coming soon.

Alas.  It is July and I am skinny and struggling with one lousy tiny tomato clinging to life on my stalk. 

So what happened?

I was a robust little thing at the beginning.  The earth was good.  I never ever had to worry about the bugs and my goodness, did we get lots of rain.

The answer is Sun.  Not enough sun.  I did not get enough sun.

I needed a minimum of 6-8 hours a day of sun to do my red plump thing.  I got 2 direct, 2 indirect and 2-4 dappled with shade.  Not good. 

One of the key ingredients for my successful growth and plumpness was missing…The Sun. 

I tried to get plump.  I really tried.  But I could not combat the lack of sun. 

Why am I sharing this story with you? 

Are you missing any key ingredients for your success and plumpness?  Take a look and give a listen.  If things are not going the way you want and deserve, maybe you have some ingredients missing that are crucial for your growth.

Want to be a plump tomato?  Let me help. 

Your beloved sun drenched compost making Coach,

Natalie R. Manor

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