are you a good listenerIt really is very hard to listen these days.  With all the “noise” of technology, the negative energy of the world media and marching to those very loud thoughts in our head.  How could you possibly listen to anything with intention and presence?
People don’t listen to us so why should we listen to them?  Sounds kind of juvenile, but accurate in many cases during the day.  
I am not getting a whole bunch of positive responses from my clients and audiences as we discuss listening in general.  The biggest issue seems to be they don’t have time to listen.  
“Natalie, it takes too much time to stop what I am doing or thinking, to listen.”
So I am giving this idea of no time to listen a good deal of time to think about.  I find it not only disturbing to think we have a standard of no time around listening as I also consider not listening a giant rip in our communication – a hole we are digging into an enormously deep pit – hard to get out of once in it.

Kind of reactionary?  Too dramatic?  

If we don’t listen, we cannot have: 

  • Accountability for actions, projects and results
  • Clear effective communication
  • Real live high value relationships with others, clients, prospects, family
  • Creativity in incorporating other’s ideas into development of products and services
  • Highly successful teams, managers and leaders
  • Profitable strategies and outcomes

Yes, I think this is serious!!!  Not listening because we have built a belief that there is not enough time to listen, is just plain frightening.  
So when will you have time to listen if not now when the idea or issue or information is here for the taking?  And what will you do with the people and situations you don’t listen to?  When will you fix them?  
I need each and every one of us to get out of this “not time to listen” pit.  Just start climbing out.  One of the easiest ways to begin your climb out of the not listening pit is to take the Listening Test here.  
It takes a very short amount of time to take the listening test.  You will have a Snapshot of how you listen; when you listen; if you listen…etc.  Then you can do something about it.
Oh, and one last pointy comment on listening.  How is it that people can hear their phones, text beeps and email clicks, but do not recall one thing that has been said?  Maybe we should be talking about intermittent hearing too.
For those of you who know me well, you can see that I consider this No Time To Listen a REAL ISSUE.  Take the listening test and find out where you stand.  Tell your team to take the listening test so they will know how they are communicating with each other.  Ask your boss to take the listening test.  Ask your entire organization to take the test.  Tell HR that they have a test they can provide for the leadership development training program; supervisory training program…tell everyone.  
You cannot ever create successful, sustainable results without excellence and clarity in communicating. Listening to others is a key and basic communication tool.  You deserve to revisit how you listen so you can listen well.   
Click here to take the LISTENING TEST now! It takes less than 5 minutes.  Results go to your email address.  You can do this!!

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