firepitYou are looking at a picture of my “fire pit” in my back yard with a really deep bed of coals and dancing fames.  I never tire of having my chair scooted up close to the fire pit as it warms me and while I stare into the flames.
Imagine what it was like when our ancestors first discovered fire!  The awe of the warmth and power of the flame and fire…the power of the imagination of what fire could do.

  • Warmth for your home
  • Cooking foods
  • Protection from predators
  • Bringing light to darkness of the night
  • Confidence and control

As I sat at my fire pit with my family for the last time before my move, I felt inspired by the idea of fire and the power of firing up my life and the life of my clients.  

It is almost mid-year  – the year you said that you would:
  • Lose weight
  • Climb that mountain
  • Create a deep relationship
  • Contribute your time
  • Shift your attitudes and communication methods
  • Manage your time and technology for a balanced life

So…how you doing?  Do you need a little “fire” to reignite the goals and commitments you decided just a few months ago?

Too many goals are as bad as having none.  

If you could accomplish one thing today, what would it be?  Just do that.  In a loving and caring way.  Remember, it is you that has to hang out with you every second of the day.  Loving and caring as a mode of being is really a perfect method of getting things done.
My good friend, Dale, uses her Angels and Guides to help her.  She just asks them to help her with whatever she needs to get done or with questions she needs answers to.  I am not sure about the Angels part, but I am sure about asking questions to get to the outcomes you want.

How about:
  1. What is it that I can do today to make my life more balanced?
  2. What is it that would allow me to feel really good about myself whether my “to do” list is done or not?
  3. What can I learn today that will get me closer to accomplishing my goals?
  4. Who do I need to forgive today so I can be less angry and emotional?
  5. Who needs me and what can I do for them?
  6. How do I want to feel at the end of the day and what can I do to make that happen?

Questions create action; attract answers; change our energy; show us a direction to success…they also shift  us from “being right”.  Questions invite in other information, not just we know…or think we know.
Fire?  What are you doing today, right this second, to create a warm, easy, protected, powerful and confident outcome for you today?  
We have so many good programs at NMA.  One of most popular is the Listening Test on the website:  It only takes a few minutes to complete; is free and shows you how your basic communication is actually working.  You might be surprised and pleased.  You can use it for your team and organization too.

I wish you fire in your belly, confident and clear actions and the ease of getting back
on track with your goals for 2013.   

Let me help!   

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