I am moving.  You notice that there are only 3 words in that sentence, however, the very act of “moving” can make one shutter.

I’ve not met anyone who has said, “wow, I love moving.  I especially love all the sorting, and cleaning and deciding what to take – and aren’t the boxes such fun?”

Everything I own came from something else.  It is all connected and trying to disconnect it to make sense of what you are doing – those sorting, cleaning, tossing actions associated with moving is just not my strength.

Nine years ago I moved from New England to TN.  I do believe I swore I would never move again and I do believe that was a good decision cause I am doing lots of swearing around this move.

And don’t get me started on the comments around downsizing.  I’ve owned my company for 27 years, raised 2 terrific kids and have 3 jillion pictures of my life (pre digital) printed and stored in boxes.  Just the financial records and client records are enough to cause space and weight in a storage unit.

My daughter and her husband were “logisticians” in the Army.  I have them as resources to ask about the sorting, tossing and storing stuff.  They provide me with lots of logic and tactics on how to get easily through this move.

However, what has not been clear for me is how to do this move without the emotion of where this move is taking me. 

Yes I am downsizing.  Yes I am following a specific strategy of where and why.  Yes I get the logic of the how.  What I am not getting is my scattered way of performing the most mundane of the tasks necessary to get packed and moved.  To arrive at the destination I’ve chosen.

And today I finally got why there is such hourly emotion with this move.  This is the move that takes me to the final step before The Knoll.

I am touched by my vulnerability and buoyed by my discovery.  It isn’t easy and logical because The Knoll – a multi-year dream and purpose – is on the horizon … just a few steps away.  No more wondering or wanting or dreaming.  I am there and The Knoll is real.

So…my dear friends, clients, prospects it is now time to tell you about the Knoll.  What wondrous news I have for you that we will share in so many powerful ways. 

I am deeply touched that it is time. 

More to come……………………..

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