All of us need support and probably some good coaching – non-judgmental and kind – during this time of utter chaos and uncertainty in our world and lives.
I certainly do. I know you do also.
I called an NMA person from my long term blog list – someone who has followed my content for years (and says she has grown as a effective leader from its wisdom and timeliness). We are not friends or frequent communicators. I just wanted to know how she is and to let her know that I care.

She said she is working too many hours and probably degrading mentally because of it.
This I know to be true. Working working working is not good for the mind, body, spirit nor for the whole remarkable being that we are. Once we get stuck in this kind of cycle, it is hard to break because it becomes our routine. We need REMINDERS of how to break the cycle.
These last 3-4 years have been hard and confusing…for many of us.
Because of the constant messages of negative, huge change, potential harm, unreasonable next steps, we become a part of that kind of energy. The bigger the issues, the less our minds can take in and solve.
Leaders want to solve issues.
There seem to be so many issues above our pay grade that we can become exhausted just by going through our day…a regular day…the ones we use to call normal days.
Maybe it is time we fix, for ourselves, what will work.

Nutrition changes. More and better sleep. Less angst and anger at everything. Some exercise other than just switching screens. Breathing deeply to let our bodies know we are fine and are not being chased by large, deadly things.
“So, Natalie, what is a person to do to become well and thrive and feel better in their mind, body spirit?”

  • Post it note on your bathroom mirror reminding you how terrific you are
  • Flip chart paper on the wall with a list of great things you have done or are going to do
  • Hang big bulletin boards in your home office with pictures; sayings; quotes; handwritten cards; bible verses; money strategies with real bills etc
  • Bathroom mirror with lipstick message about what is most important
  • Using your calendar as a reminder spot for getting in touch with you or them
  • Sending yourself a lovely card through the mail with how great you are
  • People watching and sending them silent “you got this” messages
  • Go to bed earlier, get up before you criticize yourself for sleeping to late
  • Every time you visit the restroom, look in the mirror into your own eyes and express love
  • Set alarms in your phone, for several times a day, to remind you to do what is most important to you

However, I don’t want you to pick 30 things to remind you. That will just overwhelm you and the point is to stop overwhelming yourself.

Be kind to you. Be compassionate with you. Be fair. Stop the constant brain talk that is critical.

“Natalie, how do I start being kind to me?”

As a coach, I start with breathing. We all tend of hold our breaths when we are stressed so I would suggest you set an alarm 2-3 times a day to remind you to breathe.

Our breath tells our body how we are. When we breathe deeply and frequently, our stress is lower; our minds are clearer; our sleep is better and the ice cream does not end up being our dinner again.

If you decide to breathe with this GIF, you will notice immediately how you do not breathe this way. It will feel odd and not normal. AND this is supposed to be how we breathe when in control and feeling good. Try it. Put it in your phone for 2-3 times a day until you recognize how to easily breathe to support your terrific self.

The changes you might want to make will take some time if you are fair to you. Getting into bed earlier has been a lifelong challenge for me and yet I am trying it again. Why, because it works…for me when I allow it. Being a night owl affects so much of who I am and what I want to accomplish, so I am being kind, again, to me.

You are worth the effort, this I know.

Sleep, food, movement, less self-criticism. What truly would your life feel like and be like if you started to take care of you?

To Our Success,

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