Gosh, I’ve never done this before…tattle on my readers; clients; audience members; – it’s kind of fun.

Most of my NMA list participants have been with me for a long time or when they join, they find value here. I am absolutely charmed and grateful that you think my content has that kind of staying power for you.

One of my newly minted senior managers told me that during a very tough time she had 5 links open to my content because it helped; reminded her that she is remarkable; showed where there could be improvement and gently held her hand while learning “under fire”…as she calls it.

5 open links. It does give one pause to consider what it is that would allow (and motivate) a leader to stick that closely to what is most important and to REMIND them they can do it!!

Yes, I take all my feedback as a compliment. I rarely get anything negative as feedback. Unless it is the occasional engineering leader that found a typo or grammatical error in one of my missives.

Imagine someone taking the time, from their very busy day, to keep me good (and improve the proofreading) in what I do.

Here is the deal – which I know to be true after 35+ years of working with people just like you:

  • You are remarkable in every way once you get out of your own way
  • The moment you meet the real you, everything is easier
  • You criticize that remarkable self as if it helpful…it is not
  • Your curiosity is huge
  • Effectiveness is your want and need at every moment
  • Technology makes you mostly effective and efficient – except the all-nighters that do not 
  • When you get how important your breathing is to your stress free self you even set an alarm, morning and afternoon, to remember to breathe deeply
  • Most of your issues are habitual because someone else mentored the “wrong” way to be you
  • Your view of the world is shifting the more you care about how you are
  • You can be trained, coached and admired … no one is ever ever ever too far gone to help
  • Mind Body work is the hardest and the most exciting work you will ever do
  • Love and caring is at the core of you…yes it is!!!
  • You are 100% smarter than you think you are
  • It is not too late for anything for you and your chosen world

Geesh. You think I would make this up? Do you think I could make this up?

My privilege of coaching with you all is what inspires me to get up each day.

When one of my amazing coaching clients has a great call, they feel great. They blossom like a lotus flower; a rose in the spring.

And they are surprised that they are this kind of remarkable and wonderful!!

Coaching is hard work for many. Getting to know yourself and your amazing self, can be daunting. Many, at first, cannot believe that they are made up of real talent and strengths.

I love the journey with you all.

Thank you for taking the time, energy and money to be coached…with me.

Go be fabulous. If you need direction or your hand held, I am here waiting for you. As Tina Turner says: “Simply The Best” – that’s you.
To Your Success,

P.S. I’ve been calling people on my NMA list to find out how they are. It has been a tough 4+ years for many of us. Let me know if you would like to have a call. I would be delighted to spend time with you. Don’t hide…your remarkable you is waiting for you, right here and right now.

P.P.S. I have two openings in my “create your brand” coaching schedule. Find out who you are and rebrand yourself for your industry; money; personal achievement; new opportunities. Email me and ask about “branding”. It is exciting and perfectly timely, right here and right now.

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