How do you know when your leadership or the leadership of the team is working?

And if it is not working, what are the issues?

Is it you?


Everyone? Client demands?

What is working and how do you know?

Let me share some of the “what is working” examples of leadership/teams being effective:

  • Reports are on time and cover the intended information
  • Listening has improved because the quality of the questions are helping uncover the solutions
  • Meetings happen with an agenda and are less “free for all” – real agendas instead of “hope we get through all this information”
  • More people are on time for meetings, work, output, resolving issues and communication needs
  • Onboarding is working because the strategy of what is needed is clear = miracles in training what is most important/effective
  • Less time with people ill and just out of work
  • More open sharing with rapport and real information of what might not be working
  • People are doing better work and using their talents and strengths more effectively
  • AND AND AND fun is starting to be included with getting to know each other as a priority

There are many other examples you could include of a team that is working well. Just look at your own team and see what is there and what is missing.

So what is working or missing in your team experience? Do you need to share that with your leaders and team?

These last 2-3 years so many of you have not received a performance evaluation. As your coach and team resource, this is not wise. No matter how busy or confused the management of the organization may be, they need to give you feedback. Money is nice also.

Several of my clients were surprised that subordinates were thinking of leaving the organization. They did not understand why and felt pretty bad (angry) about their people being disloyal.

People are not disloyal. If you do not give people what people need: feedback; positive reinforcement; honest; timeliness with information; working processes that make sense…they will have a list somewhere of what they need and want.

You have one. I know you do. These past 4 years have been HARD.

Our thinking, as leaders, have a list of what you would do; create; change if you could. So why are you surprised that others would not have a list of that kind?

The most important part of leading is knowing your people and what they need and how they are doing.

Just ask. “Hey Joe, we have not talked about you for a while. How the heck are you doing?”

Be ready for some negatives and some positives and some deep thanks for asking. It is simple. Not easy, just simple.

How do you want people to treat and communicate with you? Do that with others. Simple.

It takes some time, but isn’t that part of your complaint is that others are not taking time with you?

People…humans…have needs. Many will not be met in the workplace, but so many can be.

My coaching program is based on 4 questions:

  • What is working and how do you know?
  • What is not working and how do you know?
  • What needs to change?
  • What is next?

It creates a perfectly setup conversation for all levels; all situations and all environments.

And watch, feel, see, hear the information flow. Some truly brilliant problem solving information will come your way.

And you know what?????

You will feel so good about it.

You are welcome.

May I help?

To our success,

P.S. If you would like to chat about best practices for you and/or your team, just email me. Goodness, I have the information you need, the support you will appreciate and the caring to help you create the path of what is most important to you and for you. I so look forward to hearing from you…really I do.

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