TN has the reputation of being a warm spot in the USA. That is one of the reasons I moved from NH to TN almost 20 years ago.

Well tonight is going down to 22 degrees and that is not warm.

I noticed earlier today that I went and found my shawl and then turned my space heater up a notch. When I wandered out to my back yard to check on the animals and put more hay in with the rabbits, I donned my knit hat and put a scarf around my neck tightly under the collar of my winter jacket.

2 hours later, and back in the house, I still had my knit hat on. It felt good. Kind of like a small kitty on my head.

It is dark out now and it is way too early for it to be dark, according to me.

I spend my summers in my gardens until the last vestige of light – sometimes as late a 9:15pm – so being dark this early is discouraging to me.

I turn to look out my office window and find night.

Time to close the curtains to keep that darn cold out.

My childhood was spent kidding my mom because she was cold, all of the time. A slight breeze and she would shiver.

Now I am the one who loves being in my sweater and “warmies” like cashmere PJs and velvety soft blankets like the ones I would tuck my baby girls into bed with…can’t have that baby get cold.

Now that is me… Tucking myself into my favorite chair with something warm for my shoulders, sometimes a neck warmer, amazing Pamas ankle high socks and a lovely back pillow.

I don’t have a kitty, but when Layla my mini doxie puppy was alive, we would snuggle together on the couch. She had a bum as warm as freshly popped toast.

Now that I am sharing all this information with you, it makes me wonder how long I’ve been “getting” cold.

One of my favorite activities is finding a sunbeam streaming in my windows or sitting on my picnic table bench with the sun on my face.

You will find me with my ear buds and my notepads coaching and warming myself.

What do you know so keenly about yourself that you have made these gestures into your habits?

Sunbeams in the cool weather?

Full shade trees during the hot summer sun?

Green tea by the pot. Sliced oranges. Crisp, hard seedless grapes popped in your mouth?

A shawl to warm your shoulders.

Do lots things for you. Take care of you. Know who you are. Take time to be kind to you.

Louise Hay says “the longest and most intimate relationship you will ever have is with you. How is that going”?

Well, I hope.

If not, may I help you find the you that deserves kindness, support and some space to be altogether real?

To our success,

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