“I don’t feel very remarkable Natalie”.

And so the coaching process begins…

Whether you have a religious or spiritual belief about the power and resilience of being human, it is absolutely true that your body, mind and spirit are perfectly aligned with being well, wealthy, healthy and filled with joy and happiness.

As a coach, my biggest challenge and value to you is to show you; help you; guide you to your remarkable self…to have immediate access to that amazing person, you. It can feel so well hidden to us in these chaotic times.

My coaching tag line is: From Self Doubt To Confident Success.

When are lost or obsessively negative, confident success can feel like a joke. “Really, confident success Natalie?”

How do you know when situations are not going your way?

You lose track of time? You are late with project deadlines? You forget to eat, breathe and go to bed too late? You are rude/angry with the people who you need? You are righteously judgmental of everything on the news or the Thanksgiving table?

Once we enter the place of “I am right and you are wrong”, it can take some time and energy to get back to the place where you can really be with your remarkable self.

Do you know what is most important to you? Not as a reaction to some stupid stinkers comment, but as a guide for you and your life??

I have the privilege of coaching CEO’s, executive management, senior executives and lots of new leaders and business owners.

As a group, you all are pretty sure of yourself…to the point of eye rolling when I ask you what is most important to you.

As an exercise, I ask you to write down the 10 “most importants” and then we discuss.

My first question about your list is how often you are practicing; strategizing; working on; making progress on those top 10??

And that, my friend, is where the rubber hits meets the road. Because most of you are not working on what is most important to you. You are in reaction to the world and mostly the texts from “stupid” people who cannot get something right.

Louise Hay, the Queen of self-development, says (and I paraphrase) “Your relationship with yourself is the longest and most intimate relationship you will ever have. How are you doing with you?”

If you cannot treat yourself with some loving kindness and forgiveness, you are just like the next person who is mouthing off…according to you…and being ignorant in the process.

Reaction cannot save us unless we are getting out of the way of danger.

But, our response while in relationship with our truly remarkable self, can.

First we have to take many deep breaths and intentionally want to move from righteous reaction to considered and value centered responses.

And that is the value of coaching.

When you have your panties in a bunch, not much is easy. Many moments do not make sense. We are agitated, anxious, angry, stressed and lost.

Where is that terrific you in all of this? I know you exist as a pleasant, smart, caring, compassionate human. When was the last time you spent any time with that you?

The process for finding your remarkable you is so much easier than being anxious and stressed.

Take some deep breaths, recall where you have been most happy and relaxed in your life (whatever the age and time) and then imagine that you are there.

If you are truly entrenched in your anger and judgement, this might take some time and energy to shift and change. Your remarkable you exists, no matter how deeply buried. And finding your remarkable self again will shift everything…e v e r y t h i n g.

Waking up and choosing joy (because you can and now you know what joy is) is the life force for all of us.

May I help?

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