OMG what an unfair amount of self doubt in this world right now. If you are doubting yourself right now, it is becoming much more “usual” than I and my clients have ever experienced before.

When the topic of self reflection is discussed and it is discussed very often, the part you need to skip is the doubter of you. Not anyone outside of yourself, but you.

How much more negative self talk can anyone take??? They say we have 60,000 to 100,000 thoughts a day…and most of them are negative.

“Why did you do this? You know you will never be able to do that. You have never ever made that much money, what makes you think you can earn/attract that now? The people who are making me crazy are the ones I’ve always counted on…what the hell is going on with them? I keep having to remind and ask for what I want, why can’t they just remember and give it to me?”

I have a new friend who says she is exhausted and worn out because of the “all the peoples”. Needing, wanting, whining, not showing up, entitled, zero accountability, reluctant to work hard, want too much money, have no people skills, quit when it gets hard, no listening skills, and so on.

Trust me, we all have bouts of this kind of behavior, however, it is exacerbated in our minds because our “view” of people is pretty lopsided just now.

Then most of the people we deal with annoy us anyway and it is hard to be effective and efficient when everyone else is a dumb head.


It could be time to give ourselves a timeout. Go stand in the corner and breathe. Walk in the yard and breathe. Do some wall pushups and breathe. Listen to a positive sermon or video and breathe.

In other words, get out of your own way.


Because your view of “the peoples” is now warped. However the entire world has not been hired to make you angry. It may feel like that, but it is not true.

Time to breathe, take that timeout and forgive yourself for being a narrow minded, over protective, judgmental “people” who is tired of all the chaos.

You are allowed to be tired, but not so tired that you forget to take care of you.

I consistently hear that you out there don’t have time to take care of you. Really? Then who is going to take care of you? There are few people you like anymore and the ones you do are now starting to annoy you also.

Let me share with you about my office. I have two large bulletin boards covered with multiple sizes of paper with positive statements on them. My office also has currently, 5 hanging flip charts with sayings written in my own handwriting, with lovely quotes from Jesus to Rumi to my youngest grand boy who says I am “best Gramma ever”.

What are on your walls, in your notes on your phone, mirror you wash your face in, on your ceiling fan, favorite purse pocket guide, printed daily schedule, covering your fridge and written reminders in so many places. What kind of support and love are you providing for you?

“Good Lord Natalie, you have been coaching for 35+ years…you would think you had this positive support stuff all handled”.

I do!!! I consistently take care of me.

My way is with my phone and alarms reminding me to breathe or be kind or write a thank you note or say a prayer or or or.

The worse that it gets out there, the worse is can get in here……….my head and heart are as susceptible to the negative as you.

It is with the written or electronic reminders that I can love coaching you and love my family.

I have learned – and it was a huge learning – that I can fill my heart, life and brain with wonderful stuff anytime I want. And when I forget to take care of me, you begin to look like the enemy. And I become my own worst enemy.

Simple, effective, warmly supportive and damn nice to be reminded by all the greats of the centuries that life can be what I want it to be.

Also, since I have learned how, I can help shift you onto the path you want and help you sustain the healthy, wealthy, positive life and career that is most important to you.

To Your Success,

P.S.  Please give yourself the gift of coaching.  You are remarkable and deserve to be filled with hope.  You are already ready – email me and let’s have a chat.  I would love to help you find that already existing hot stuff person you are.  Many of you need evidence that coaching works.  Please visit and read what people just like you were able to provide for themselves and their lives through coaching.  This I know how to do…and I would be delighted to support you in rediscovering your remarkable self.  Email me and let me know you want to discuss your next positive and high performance steps.

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