Everyone Has Skills and Talents…Really??

October 28, 2022

Everyone Has Skills and Talents…Really??

Turnover is causing cultural earthquakes and business heartaches. People are doing more than “quiet quitting”, they are leaving their roles in huge numbers.

The most obvious reasons, we think, is that they are going to something better. What if the real reason for the turnover is that you never got to know them; did not use their talents and strengths well and demanded time and energy from them that you had no real right to demand?

As an executive business coach, I am invited to help people figure out the reason they want to leave a company and grow their careers. Most are not leaving because of the money not being enough. They are leaving because you did not care about them or support them…and you never developed a trusting relationship.

May I help?         CoachNatalie@NatalieManor.com

Natalie R. Manor

Natalie R. Manor is a consultant, executive business coach, speaker, 5 time author and extraordinary facilitator.  Her consulting firm, Natalie Manor & Associates NMA, has attracted global success seeking clients and organizations for 30+ years.

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