It use to be grammas and grandpas were the ones who could not remember what they went to the next room for. With our current level of stress and anxiety, the “forgetting” is running through all ages. Everyone is so preoccupied and stressed, clear thinking seems to have flown out the proverbial window.

What is one to do when the “where the heck is it” syndrome infects us?

Some go to techniques that really work:

  • Get up and move – not a 5K, but wander down the hall and rest your eyes and change your environment
  • Breathe – you knew I would say that because I think our breath can save us from so many things – 3 deep breaths with a deep sigh – your body will immediately respond by being more relaxed in the very moment you breathe
  • How about some good food? Veggies, some protein and maybe even some liquids that hydrate you – just the act of getting them ready to drink will help the foggy brain
  • GO OUTSIDE even if it is just your balcony – stick your face toward the sun and soak in that magical vitamin D
  • Raise some chickens – “really Natalie” – my chickens have calmed me down and allowed me to laugh out loud – and they are pooping machines for my gardens
  • OK, ok, pet a puppy, kitten or hold a baby

Routine is good for us. The moment I come into my home, my keys are deposited into the pretty basket right by the door. Not sure why it needed to be pretty, but it is. I also have my outside garden sunglasses in the basket. The flashlight is right there also. The box of tissues is not more than a couple of inches away.

With your hydration, find a reusable container you can take with you. Mine is purple because nothing else in my life is purple and so it is easy to spot. It is always with me. Garden, car, office, kitchen. If it is not those places, then I am not there. It has most definitely been filled with ice these last many weeks with the extreme heat. A good lesson to learn is that your body is over 75% water and it needs water to be healthy. Yes, tea, coffee, smoothies are terrific, but water is the life giving, life saving liquid we all need.

A well hydrated, deep breathing, routine can shift you from foggy to clarity very quickly.

Being preoccupied and annoyed with not being able to find something contributes to the fog.

May I ask, what routines do you have that are serving you? And what habits do you have that are not serving you.

Humans, young and not so young, benefit from routines that serve them.

Off I go and I know where my keys are; how much water is in my reusable container and my sunglasses are right there in the basket.

That may not seem like much to you, but for me it saves me self-criticism and annoyed moments of “where the H__l are my _____”.

Habits that are good and routines that serve you will please you. Also, be nice to you. Life can be very good.

To Our Success,

P.S. Communication can be the most anxiety inducing activity when it does not go well…and you can’t figure out how to make it all better. Do a Virtual VIP with me and let me help. Email me and tell me you want to speak with me. It is not as difficult as you have made it out to be. You are smart and talented. Let’s get you back on track easily and immediately.

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