My beloved spring is here and I have so many weeds. It could be that is what I grow best. Actually, I don’t clean out my gardens and containers in the fall so the bugs and beetles and birds have places to hide and find yummy bugs.

So I have weeds. Big ones with lots of fiberey roots (not sure that is a word) that take some attention to get them pulled out from where I do not want them…all by myself.

Then a miracle happened. My delightful next door neighbor of 7 years found out that her grandson will be with her each weekend the entire spring, summer and fall. He is 13 and has just learned to weed…in my yard. OMG, miracles. I have wanted a weeder for a long time.

So on Sunday afternoon we weeded, he did it wrong then did it right; we took before an after picture; he talked the entire time; Emma, one of my chickens, fell in love with him and the worms he fed her and we became friends.

3 hours at $5.00 an hour with all the ice water he could consume. It is a fortune to him. He does not earn dollars and is in a very messy family situation right now. It was my privilege to hear the whole story ’cause I am a gramma too.

Right before we were done with our weeding time together, we sat and discussed what he would do with his money.

“I am going to buy my family drinks”.

And I said, no you are not. (that’s the Gramma talking) This is your money. You can buy something for people, but you need to think of you and the hard work you did today. So we decided he would give half to his dad and take half for him. He is going to save up for a new “controller” for his game. We discussed the price of the controller, how long it would take at $5.00 an hour 3 hours a week (a little side math here) and he was AMAZED how money could add up that quickly.

We discussed where he would keep his cash. How he would make sure it was private. And we could, subject to dad’s approval, open up a savings account.

He did not have any idea he could become a rich young man and buy things, that he earned, because of his work in weeding. I paid him with 5 $1.00s and 2 $5.00s. He loved the feel of the money and was so proud of himself.

I asked him if he wanted to come back to weed again. I received an enthusiastic yes. There is a Weeding God who loves me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
He now has his own gloves – blue stripped – before and after pictures, a new skill he is proud of and one totally in love chicken named Emma. I did not know a chicken could look soulfully sad, but she did when he left. I do believe dug worms fed to you in an afternoon can do that to you.

Talk about money positively. Feel your money. Thank your money. The debit/credit card does not produce the same feelings that cash does. Keep a little cash in your pocket or in a private spot. Count it. Admire it. You work hard for your money. Allow yourself to appreciate your money.
To our success,

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