Leadership in the 21st century and 2022.

January 18, 2022

Leadership in the 21st century and 2022.

The amount of information readily available to all of us who lead is amazing. Multiple millions of Leadership resources show up when you do research for what are the best practices of leadership; what leadership characteristics do we all want to practice; what methods of planning and strategy will best serve our tactics in guaranteeing success for the people we lead and the leaders we want to become??

HOWEVER, the method of delivering the information has completely shifted in less than 24 months. No more easily walking down the hall to talk with Joe and Sally about the issues and/or opportunities. You can Team it. You can Zoom it. You can text it. You can email it. But most of us no longer have the ability to be in person with our colleagues; bosses and subordinates. This is our extreme challenge in planning and change for leading well and creating successful outcomes, especially in building profound and key relationships.

While I have been writing this note to you, 2 police cars and 2 fire engines have gone racing by my window. Somewhat prophetic for the emergencies we are facing in leading and planning. My best coaching for you in this moment is to breathe, relax and listen because the answers we want and need are forthcoming in very different packages than how they have normally arrived. Make sure you can be in the space to recognize the new, different and now workable solutions.

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Natalie R. Manor

Natalie R. Manor is a consultant, executive business coach, speaker, 5 time author and extraordinary facilitator.  Her consulting firm, Natalie Manor & Associates NMA, has attracted global success seeking clients and organizations for 30+ years.

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