Conversations through the years with leaders, executive and owners of businesses, support that communicating with impact and effectiveness is the skill they hope to use and then instill with their people.

Learning to communicate well is a never ending opportunity for becoming effective in all areas of your professional and personal lives.

What does good communication even look like anymore?:

  • Listening and being present
  • Setting context and providing clarity for people and projects
  • Waiting to speak and hearing what the other is saying
  • Respecting the space of learning without judgement
  • Helping people succeed and learn at the same time
  • Supporting onboarding for business; projects; culture, with patience
  • Giving positive and respectful feedback
  • Communicating even when it is difficult
  • Learning how others communicate and be in rapport with them always
  • Adapt to your own style and judgements while contributing to others

The list could go on for pages in how excellence in communication works. Removing your reactive judgment, “we don’t do it that way here”, will lead to on-time and on-budget projects, even when the odds are impossible for great completion and success.

When you stop actively judging people while they communicate with you, whether in person or on screen, creativity flourishes. New ideas are born. Cost savings happen. People feel good about their contributions. Performance is evaluated. Leaders learn. Everyone wins.

SOME DATA: Globally, not just in our own location, people communicate with their body language, tone and pacing of the spoken word and how things are written. 100% of our communication are these three (3). So what percentage of our communicating is body language? What percentage of our communicating is tone and pacing? What percentage of our communicating effectively is the written word?

Body Language = 55%
Tone and Pacing = 39%
Writing = 6%

Understand the power of body language while you are on Zoom (onscreen calls) because “we can see you” is 55% of your communication. Also understand that your tone and pacing, what you sound like, is 39%. Writing or the written word 6%.

Understand that texting is immediate communication and needs to be powerful, valuable and impactful, because it can be just 6% of the impact in communicating well.

So how is your communication working? Understand that you send powerful indicators of you, EVERY time you communicate.

To your success,


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