Sad is sad. Angry is angry. Happy is happy. It is not possible to be all those same emotions at the same time. However, we can certainly shift from happy to sad very quickly so it can feel like we are both at the same time.

In coaching with a new client and her coaching results, she said she felt “content” for the first time in a very long time. Self-aware and content.

Now that made her happy and me happy.

With our negative media on constant blast 24/7, it is hard not only to get to the finish line, but hard to get to the start line to take up the race again.

Louise Hay, a remarkable writer and speaker, said that the relationship you have with yourself is the longest and most intimate…”how is that going”, she would ask. Most of the people I share that with get it in that moment that their own relationship with themselves could use a little love, compassion, forgiveness and maybe some space from that horrible critic in your head.

Chocolate cake might also be added to the positive self-care mix here.

Because of the in-person restrictions of the last 2 years, I’ve moved much of my speaking and coaching to the Zoom format. From the point of view of actually coaching from Denver to Kansas to New York to Virginia…you get the picture, Zoom has created a positive, nurturing and full on, high performance shifts for the work and process of coaching.

Sometimes it would be grand to be sitting in the same space physically, however, once you get over the screen you actually are in the same space.

Included in all my coaching is the VIP in person time. Mostly in Nashville, TN where I live. People fly in the night before and we have dinner then work a full day the next day and off they will go into Nashville for a terrific weekend. (My daughter and son in law sometimes headline in Nashville so they know everyone and get my clients the best deals and into the best restaurants.)

With the pandemic restrictions and NOT wanting to miss the powerful aspects of the in person VIP time,

Ask me about the Virtual VIP. It is convenient, timely, and immediate results producing. If you decide you want to do an in person VIP in Nashville – and I truly recommend coming and staying for the weekend with your partner and/or friends…then come on over.

However, the Virtual VIP via Zoom is an excellent option.

RESULTS: The Virtual VIP that was completed last week with a senior female executive (who was a bit skeptical that much could be accomplished in the Virtual VIP) allowed her to:

  • Evaluate her performance as a leader
  • Assess whether she was accessing her true talents and strengths
  • Allowed her to fit the new strategies into her calendar easily, and
  • Determine what was most important to her, right here and right now

Now that is your good time spent with excellent results.

All great athletes have a coach. Most senior managers, owners and executives have a coach. How come you have not looked into being coached? A Virtual VIP is a terrific entry into deciding what is best for you, right here and right now.

Whenever I take on a new personal coaching client, I ask them to read the coaching testimonials page on my website. The testimonials are all, without edits from me, written by the people I have coached with…I am very proud of them for sharing what is most important to them and the value they got from coaching.

You still have time to determine your success for 2021 before the end of the year and decide what you want 2022 to look and feel like. If you are stuck, then let me help you get unstuck. I am sooooo good at it.

My blessed career is as a coach. Not financial analyst; sales executive; health care contributor; technology expert, but I can coach you around leadership, communication and behavioral performance all day long with results that support the remarkable you.

May I help?


P.S. Send me an email saying you want to do a Virtual VIP with me…confidence, results and clear thinking – maybe even some contentment – is waiting for you. And you deserve to feel good, you really do.


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