When the top articles from our top business leaders discuss the impact of stress and anxiety in relation to ourselves and barely mention our engrained ideas of what leadership is, I listen. And so should you.

Everything is different and it feels unfamiliar. We are asked to lead and yet, many of us are having trouble focusing on what is right in front of us.

We will always have the product, project and performance reviews to do, but what are our priorities as leaders today? Who do we take care of first? How do we get traction for creating high value success if we are having difficulties with small, usually uneventful moments??

My job as an executive business coach is to help you explore your many talents and strengths and then leverage them for your highest good…whatever it is you have discerned you want to be (and how to be) when you grow into your powerful and meaningful leadership roles. Coaching is a support and mentoring tool for you. You have the options to “use” your coach in multiple ways to achieve what is most important to you.

And there lies the rub…

What is most important to you this day?

Yesterday I was engrossed in reading an extremely well written article about the “17 qualities of an exceptional leader” provided by BetterUp. In reading the definitions of what defines a good leader, I was in complete agreement. The article discussed each characteristic they considered to be important for an exceptional leader. They identified these qualities as:

**Drive **Integrity **A desire to learn **Self-awareness **Confidence **Positivity **Realism **Creativity **Communication skills **Listening Skills **Empathy **Strategic mindset
**The ability to motivate **The ability to delegate **Professional expertise

It is an impressive list that leaders aspire to and take their professional and personal time to learn/incorporate into their development. They spread these learnings through their organizations; people; clients; prospects; brand; BOD and colleagues by example and by others observing their leadership characteristic’s behavior and performance.

My question for you is…how are you doing?

Many of us strive to race to the finish line and many of us are struggling on a daily basis to just get to the start line.

Understand, today is harder than it has ever been to be a leader. So much is filled with lack of knowing what the next step could or should be that we are self-critical when we cannot come up with the perfect outcomes, right here and right now.

Be gentle. Be aware. Be kind to yourself.

You have not lost your brilliance. You are not broken.

You are in a ship bouncing around on some very rough water. You still exist and are still very very very bright, needed and talented.

Take some deep breaths and allow for this time for you to feel and see what is most important to you. You count. You are important. Chaos does not instill confidence. It also cannot steal your talents and strengths.

To Our Success,

The people/leaders, just like you, that I am working with during their Virtual VIP time are creating powerful and immediately useable actions that are supporting their confidence and performance. I still have some openings in October and November. Together, let’s get you where you need and want to be. Email me and let me know you want to do some Virtual VIP time together


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