You can go ahead and skip to something else to read because this really is about chickens…and then people.

I got my first chickens this spring at 6 weeks and have feed and watered them hoping for my first egg.

No eggs yet.

My guaranteed 3 hens are now 2 hens and a rooster guy. Yes I named them. Gabbie, Ellie and Emma. I guess if I had 50+ chickens they would not all be named, but that is not what I am learning from people who start small with chickens and grow in numbers very quickly. Its called “chicken math” and I am beginning to understand it better each day.

The chicks were fluffy and cute the first week. They get raggedy looking very quickly and there is wonder, from me at least, would they stop looking like lost, wet and unfed chicks any time soon?

At 27 weeks, they show off as very well fed; brilliant feathers and big personalities. They tell me when they need more water; what time dinner is and “is that what you brought for snacks?”.

Gabbie, Ellie and Emma. Gabbie is the guy so this gender neutral name is good. Ellie is the smartest and the first out of the coop when I open the door. Emma is the largest and each day wonders how to get back to the coop even with the door open.

As a many year coach, consultant, author and blogger, I have much experience in training and coaching and how to get people to do what they do best. You need to know them a bit before you start the “training” people… but start and get to know them well.

Much of your tried and true methods in training people to use their natural talents and strengths are definitely a myth. People are not the same ever. We may look alike and act in similar ways, but each person is different…that is why observing is critical to highly successful behavioral performance.

Onboarding is essential, but have options for the different talents and strengths so you can really find out who they are. People can be secretive about what they can do if they don’t trust you. And people will trust you if you observe; ask; listen; support and allow them to shine in many different ways.

Example: My first secretary, who was a monster success in our department, was passed over within the company because people did not know her. She had been there for 15+ years and remained a senior clerk through every review and internal interviewing. My interview with her was fascinating. She was 20 years older than me and EXTREMELY quiet. I asked her why she was interviewing for the secretarial position and she told me “I heard you were a good boss and I want to work for a female”. We talked for 2 hours and I could not wait to give her the offer. My senior VP at the time told me not to promote her. I did not get support from any manager, all male, for hiring her. I told her that and said she would be tested in this engineering environment, but she had all of the talents she needed to succeed. She took the job. She did GREAT. She remained quiet, but OMG effective and efficient. When I left the company, management was crawling all over themselves trying to get her to work for them. I loved Pat…was the most dynamically effective quiet woman I ever worked with. She made me look like a superstar and was delighted to be herself and contribute in a way that was needed and appreciated.

Pat was my masters degree in how to work with people and find out what they are made of. I observed and learned what she would be brilliant at…
so many talents.

“So what does this have to do with chickens Natalie?”

Chickens are the newest “don’t know nothing” on my plate. I had to and wanted to learn what they need and do I really want to raise pooping machines? The most obvious part of being with chickens is the poop. I am a gardener, so I thought that their poop would be my gold. Eventually it will be, but I have to figure out how to get it to the garden without a poop trail and the mess
on my shoes.

I am learning. I am loving my chickens: Gabbie (the guy), Ellie the most curious and courageous, Emma the prettiest and the biggest and the one who will always need guidance. Gabbie just found out he is the lover; Ellie is the boss and Emma is Pat.

The people I coach and the chickens I raise (eventually probably more than 3 total) shout out their needs and talents.

Observe, support, feed, train, listen, show up and enjoy.

To Your Success,

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