Circumstances have guided me to more frequently take care of me during the day. It could be a green tea break in the morning or walking my yard during the day. I was especially lucky today as I decided to go outside for 15 minutes to wander in my garden and patio. It is a small place with plants everywhere and my 18 week old chickens (first timer for me) waiting for a treat.

I had a few moments before the rain started – sunny sky to dark gray in just a minute or two – so I sat myself down on the back stoop, under the overhang, to enjoy the rain. I was even smart enough to take my shoes off and let my feet get sprinkled on. The rain only lasted 5 minutes and it changed everything.

It was cooler outside.

The plants felt like they lifted themselves up a bit in the ground and containers to welcome the rain.


The new sunlight made all the leaves; plants, grass look like they had shiny diamonds on them. It all glistened.

I think normally I would have run from the rain and got back to my office.

The water droplets lit up my surroundings and I felt like I was sitting inside the Queens jewelry box.

My breathing changed. The world was good. The air was clean. My feet were wet and cool. And I got to have several moments of magic with how rain and plants really occur in our world. I hope you are well and safe and cool.

May I help??

To Your Success,

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