The first years I was a “consultant”, each Sunday I would pull out the classifieds and see if there was a better job with more pay and less hours out there for me.

This week I received another job offer because of my expertise and experience and it reminded me that it has been a LONG time since I needed to look at the classifieds to get me out of this thing called consulting. I do believe the first 5 years of owning my own business, each new client felt like an advanced class in “how to do it right and make money…and not ruin the client”.

So that leads me to my question, about how you are doing? Do you think you are faking it with your credentials, talents and strengths or have you finally given permission to you to be terrific and talented?

I coach with people everyday that think they are not as great or talented or smart or effective as people give them credit for…they think if they really were that talented, they would not ever have doubts or fears about their professional and personal decisions.

Nothing could be further from the truth because self-doubt, when listened to rather than criticized, is letting you know you need some support.

Highly successful people have coaches their whole career because they value to exposure to “other” ways and thinking. All great athletes have coaches. All prolific writers have editors. Great dances never stop the practice of keeping their bodies and minds flexible and agile through practice and dance masters.

Examination of how you operate is actually an extremely rewarding experience. You find out your talents and strengths and you get to take a look at what you find as a challenge.

EXAMPLE: I would never be hired as a CFO for any organization. Is it because I don’t understand cash flow statements and developing asset knowledge? NOPE. It is because my talents and strengths are in coaching highly committed people in leadership, communication and behavioral performance. You can be good as lots of things and not be expert. I want my organization run my an expert who LOVES numbers, taxes, accounting and making them all work. I was smart enough to know that and work with the best Business and Operations Manager that I’ve ever known.

So what are you doing that someone else could do better than you? Probably more quickly and accurately too? How does doing what is not your talent and strength affect you with your mind, body spirit? If you are exhausted all the time, it might be a good time to look at what you could be doing and ENJOYING. Now that sounds good to me.

Self-doubt is not a characteristic – it is a gut feeling, and it could be an asset to helping you take a look at the next best steps to support you in effectiveness; efficiency; joy; success and just plain feeling good. When it happens, ask for help.

May I help??

To Your Success,

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