Let’s just pretend that the screen time meeting you just finished was terrific.

Everyone showed up on time. They remembered to unmute. The new team member was prepared for introducing herself. The boss visiting and listening in on the meeting went well. The next project is all set with details and time lines and no one picked their nose on screen, scratched private places or ate and drank for the entire meeting.

How does that sound to you? Pretty good huh?

Well I can absolutely guarantee you that most of the following took place prior to the meeting or was covered at the beginning of the screen time as housekeeping and accountability sharing to make the meeting flawless.


  • Everyone knew what the meeting was about
  • How long it was to last
  • Were prepped by what they needed to bring or be prepared to discuss
  • They received feedback (either prior or during the screen time) of what the outcome of the meeting needed to be
  • Questions that required research were sent to people prior to the meeting so they could be prepared
  • EVERYONE knew who would be at the meeting and reminders were sent about the meeting
  • Next steps in the project or issues were discussed and decided with a time line and an accountability reminder
  • Team dynamics were discussed and reviewed as what was working or what was not working and suggestions were solicited from each what would work better

“Natalie, we have so many meetings that there is no time to do agendas and decide outcomes”.

And my response to that is then don’t have a meeting. All you are doing is wasting time and annoying each other by spending pointless hours together without good clear results.

(BTW, is anyone having any fun?? I think periodically you need to throw some fun into the mix. If you need some suggestions for fun, send me a personal email and I will share with you appropriate fun for you and your teams.)

Sometimes meetings can be set up minutes before getting everyone on the screen. You might not have time to do a formal sent out agenda to the team, but you do have the beginning of the new meeting to cover what would be most important and to solicit suggestions as to what would create the best outcomes for the topics and issues to be discussed and shared at this new meeting.

I am working on a 4 book series on Zoom protocols and etiquette and it is fascinating to me how much time is being spent on screen without good outcomes. Once we publish the first Zoom book (going to be eBooks and Kindle) I will let you know and you can share with your teams and organization.

Remember, we can see you. Come prepared and ask questions. Make sure the meeting is valuable and uses your time and talents well.

To Your Success,

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