“Natalie, I have lost all of my patience with everything”.

I am hearing this more and more and mostly from women. They seem very surprised that their “patience button” gets pushed so often. And…they are so easily angered.

Women are surprised by the oddest things. My question is – how did you keep your patience this long for the past 18 months of change, shifting, fear, worry and lack of control on mostly normal everyday stuff?

Listen, losing your patience is nothing to losing your mind. A little noticing of losing your patience means you are still capable of thinking through tough situations and not just reacting.

Here is another question? How come losing your patience is bothering you
so much?

You are a stranger to anger? A regretter (sic) of worry? The one who does not have anxiety at the sound of the news coming on?

Seriously. You are actually doing better than most of us. Losing your patience means you still have some………

As a coach, I am not normally an advocate of getting angry, but in this case, I might be.

Go toss your flipping flip flop at the cat and call it a day. (I don’t want you to hit the cat) I want you to express what is there…frustration, lack of control, annoyance at anything, lack of patience, is normal. You are normal. You are good. You are doing well.

We are all born with the emotions of love and hate. Most of us choose love, but sometimes it is just fine and dandy to get mad and stomp around.

It feels good when you stop stomping. Your body feels relieved and maybe the tears that came with the stomping were just waiting to be released.

If you have stopped being ever so royally patient with the world, then acknowledge it as OK.

Your world of challenges and worries is NORMAL. Give yourself some space to be emotional, right here and right now.

To our success, always

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