One of my greatest pleasures is working with leaders, new ones and experienced ones, who are continuously learning. They understand that their leadership can always be improved and added to create high value performance success.
I recently worked with a senior executive that wanted to spend time in her organization’s accounting department to see what they really were doing. During our coaching sessions, she stated the spreadsheets coming from that department were increasingly complicated and the data seemed buried in the process. She thought maybe she needed a primer on what data was being collected and what the outcome and purpose of the data being collected.

We discussed at length how to set up her “training” so the accounting department understood the point of her learning. We also discussed who should she train with. I suggested the newest and youngest member of the department would be giddy to work with her and they could discover the process together.
She scheduled three 2 hours sessions with the newest member of the accounting department and off they went. She also brought with her the spreadsheets marked with her questions and her questions on what the purpose and importance of the data she was using to make team and
strategic decisions.

The Results: 

  • The leader found out she was not reading the data correctly and that were other accounting reports that would be more beneficial to her in leading her team projects and developing the team’s strategies
  • A positive learning curve developed for the executive team and accounting on how they were communicating with each other and what was working and what was not working
  • Each member of the executive team set up time for their own training in the accounting methods and update themselves on the data available for their specific needs
  • IT got involved with the data collection and developed a great relationship (and value) with the executive team and accounting
  • Everyone involved created new and better levels of communication with each other
  • The accounting person was invited to the executives team’s meeting once a month to provide updates and group training
  • Budgets were shifted and profits increased easily in the next quarter

All it took was one curious leader; a confident accounting manager to allow an executive into their department and an enthusiastic accounting person to “teach” methods that would be beneficial; easier and certainly more accurate to the needs of the executive.
When was the last time you spent asking about the reports and processes you use each day:

  • Are they timely
  • Do they have the information you need
  • Are you using them correctly
  • What else do you need
  • Sharing that you might not understand the whole process

Value, excellence in communication, profitability and trust levels increased.  What learning of yours could use some improvement?

May I help?

To Your Success,

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