Seriously how much more are we going to tolerate and let sink into our mind, body, spirit before we find our “spot” where we can breathe and hide??

Recently, I was longing to visit Costa Rica again. A wonderful country and where I learned to drink FRESH fruit smoothies. You just walk out your hotel room and there are all the fruit to grab and blend. Fresh off the tree mango is beyond description and so “Tingley” smooth on your palate.

No Costa Rica…maybe soon.

While wandering around my back yard, I decided to sit at my picnic table and benches. A place where I often write; do my coaching calls and wonder at the beauty and creativity of nature. I’ve put the picnic table under the Elm tree right next to the bird bath. I am inspired and entertained while in that spot.

WAIT. That is my “spot”, I just need to make it so in my head. Right here and right now, this Elm tree, picnic table and bird bath is my Costa Rica.

What do I need to do to make this true for me? And it came to me…

4 years ago my son in law made the picnic table and benches for me for Mother’s Day. I thought something was coming from him, but I did not expect the parade of big people carrying the very heavy and well put together picnic table with benches, as they came around the corner to surprise me for Mother’s Day. (I do know that was a run on sentence 😊).

My SIL was and still is very proud of the workmanship and that it pleases me so. There are screws and nuts that hold everything together. It is solid, heavy and filled with talent and love. It sits in a perfect spot where I can do a 360 viewing of my yard and gardening. The shade under the Elm, in the hot TN afternoons, is always welcome.

The benches are not only to sit on though. When my grands were just tiny/little, snacks would be placed on the benches and that would be their table. Barefoot and safe with their Gramma Maama (me) eating strawberries, blueberries and grapes at will, in the shade, splashing their tiny hands in the birdbath…you get the picture.

So now my grands are so much taller, still splashing in the birdbath, hosing down anyone close, filling and unfilling the small pool and grabbing the snacks (pretzels have been added).

Where else would I want to be? Where else am I me in every sense – matriarch; executive business coach; Gramma Maama; gardener; writer. Safe.

So today, after the blog is done, I am off to my picnic table with earbuds for the coaching; paper for my notes; my feet in the sun and the lovely tall Elm tree friending me with her shade.

May I help you find your spot?

To Our Success,

P.S. The Virtual VIPs in May are ready for you. We plan, align the actions that are most important to you, and explore conversations that make you feel good, healthy, wise and safe. Get in touch with me soon before all the spots are taken.

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