Messy Office

These last few years of business for NMA and myself and my team, have been very good. I am totally appreciative of the trust our clients have in us and I am SUPER PROUD of the work they commit to doing to build their confidence, remove self-doubt and nail their success producing behavioral performance.

And the truth be told, I thought I was doing some good personal work myself. Like:

  • Streamlining the NMA technology and data
  • Increasing the NMA content base so others could benefit from the work we do
  • Providing and contributing more than expected, exceeding requirements and blowing the tops off many things
  • Doing the best writing and coaching of my career
  • Working with the MOST TALENTED crew ever virtually and making technology easily work for us all

Most of the time you can find a large, cobalt cup full of green tea on my side desk within easy reach of either free hand.

So sitting in my sunbeam in my comfy office coaching chair, as I do many times a week, I jotted down what was working well. What I immediately noticed were the several piles of paper and files scattered throughout my office. Not so neatly either. Just set down and waiting to be dispersed to their final resting spot for easy retrieval. Nope. No final resting spots. Just piles.

I was dismayed. I did not know it has gotten quite this messy. On my way to the kitchen, I noticed the new cobalt blue pots and pans (still in their boxes) not put away, my new desk chair in a box and several sheets of paper on the counter detailing the plan for the pantry and my storage ideas.

Off to my bedroom to get ready for a Zoom call and I noticed several other piles of things: clothes, stuff for Goodwill, new storage container for the closet and things that did not belong in the bedroom and were ready, maybe for several weeks, to be brought to the other parts of the house to be “contained” and put away.

OK, you get the idea. One of my biggest talents is being a high visual and noticing. But this talent had not been working well for awhile or I had not noticed what was happening enough.

Walking around “stuff” had become my way of living in my home. All of a sudden, I did not like it at all.

My reaction was to severely criticize me for the mess. Who was I to help people manage their office messes and time management if I could not even do it myself.

Sometimes the obvious does not become obvious until you let it…or really want to see what is working and what is not work; what needs to change and what is next.

So guess what I am doing these days??

Sorting, filing, cleaning and creating a bigger mess cleaning up the piles.

It is spring in the USA. I believe I am spring cleaning, but maybe even more than that. I think I am taking the next step in creating success and less stress.

Although I was pretty upset with the “mess”, I am really excited for how I finish this challenge.

Through all of this there is one entity that none of this bothered…my chubby mini doxie who is 15 years old. She sleeps and eats. Sometimes rolls in the fresh cut grass to bring in those vacuum bites.

My lessons: there is always something that can be improved. It does not need to be criticized. You can create success without perfection. The clean up is a huge benefit for our local library with the books I am donating. I like my stuff and am willing to part with some of it. Piles of stuff does not serve a high visual like me.

Enjoy all of you, even the piles. They are full to the brim with your brilliance. They just need a space to be that serves you all of the time.

May I help??

To Our Success,

P.S. You deserve success and visiting with your brilliant talented self. Let’s do a Virtual VIP and shift through your piles and create a terrific action plan just for you. Contact me now.

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