There it is…the 17th time you need to remind someone to unmute on a Zoom call. It can rile you in ways that you find yourself completely frustrated.


Well, think about your judgement button. When you have a technique handled and use it well, you can become a “judgy” individual.

How come they cannot get this simple and repetitive (needed) communication technique done? In order to speak in a Zoom meeting, you need to unmute. The hand movement to make this happen is easy and quick. And yet, so many are driving us crazy because they cannot get this right.

Here is some of what I found when I first started using Zoom:

  • Age of the user made a huge difference in the comfort and ease of using the meeting method
  • RARELY were people trained on how to use Zoom, but expected to come prepared to knowing the technology
  • Few people had been on a small screen and did not have the knowledge of how they looked, what they should wear, how lighting was so important and the level of screen needed to communicate well
  • Did not understand that the Zoom screen was static and the instructions/support was NOT visible without running your cursor over the page

Ok, ok, I hear you. For all of you that know the answers to the above or knew how your presence on the screen would impact the value of the communication, did you take the time to share that info…or did you just judge the “others” as technically inept.

I remember the early days of PC desktop computers. You would faint if I told you the cost of my first computer and printer. However, one of the biggest questions people had on the tech lines asking “new user” information. The tech would give the instruction and then say, “press any key” to engage the computer.

AND the comment was “I do not see a key that says ANY on my keyboard”. You can’t make this stuff up, but it did happen. People did not know and cannot create seamless use without help.

Take a moment to think about who you are using Zoom meetings with. Do any of them deserve your time and effort to help them look adept at using the software and communication method? If so, just ask them if they would like some tips.

There is so much noise about Zoom meetings that we at NMA, are developing a 4 eBook series called “Ultimate Zoom Success Guide – Show Up And UNMUTE”. The eBooks will be instructive and filled with stories (some very funny) of what worked and what did not work. I will certainly let you know when the eBooks are ready to share with you. We are writing them in such a way that you can share them with your team, list, colleagues, organization and even church community.

To Your Zoom Success,

P.S. Keeping the power of Zoom in mind for building your brand and showing up and a powerful way, I have developed a 2 hour Virtual VIP session filled with tips, techniques and strategies to present, impress and create respect for you (don’t forget feeling confident too). Contact me to set up your time with me. Presentation and presence skills have never been easier…or more powerful (faster) to learn. Contact me now.

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