Frustrating, maddening, exhausting and convenient. Zoom has changed our communication choices forever…and is that good?? It is in this weather – 95 million people with artic cold; sleet; ice; and snow.

  • We get to stay inside.
  • Communicate easily with others.
  • Not have to travel to places you cannot get to anyway.

I was on my way to KS this week to work with 30 terrific people – 3.5 in-person days of leadership, communication and behavioral performance training – socially distanced and with masks. Such high expectations and looking forward to working with these teams of dedicated people.

Then Mother Nature (who seems pretty annoyed with the USA right now) dumped sleet, ice, some snow and then another big cold rain that turned into sleet then ice again. My car has disappeared and my puppy does NOT want to go outside to do her business.

Sooooooo thank goodness for the ability to use Zoom.

In doing my research for the Ultimate Zoom Success Guide, I’ve asked people just like you to share their experiences on Zoom…what would you like people to know, do and be while on a Zoom call?

Wow!! Get ready for some excellent suggestions from people who sound a little exasperated with their attendees.

  • Chewing gum is punishable by flogging…this one really bothered people
  • Position on the screen – sit so people can see you and you have light on your face
  • Check the background before you check in…some things are too personal to share (think titles of books people can see)
  • Comb or brush your hair – no playing with your hair and absently twirling it around your finger
  • Sit up – pay attention – look like you belong to the team or conversation
  • Leave your nose, ear, mouth, chin, and head scratching alone – also other parts of your body
  • Take a good look at what you are wearing and make sure it fits a good presentation of how you want to be viewed (or judged)
  • No eating or slurping drinks
  • Remember we can hear everything you are doing so either mute or get a doctor’s appointment

If you have not done Zoom communication before, find a friend and practice (especially with the audio and mic). Learn to use the simple directions of leaving the screen, turning off your video, what not to have on video and how you want to be perceived.

Also, it is discourteous to not pay attention. Truly it is. Be prepared for the topic. If you do not need to be included on the call, let people know that before you get on screen.

People, just like you and I, can be very “judgey”. First impressions and on going video body language can immediately change how people regard you as a professional and being influential. It is hard to recover from first impressions, once made, which are not serving you or the communication needed.

Pay attention. Show consideration. Offer suggestions. Be engaged. Support the topic and/or speaker. Trust me, you will want the same level of attention and support when you are the person running the Zoom meeting.

We are currently writing a series of eBooks: “The Ultimate Zoom Success Guide: Show Up and UNMUTE”. Volume One will be out soon and we will share that with you and your team.

To Your Success,

P.S. I am scheduling Virtual VIPs which are powerful, help clear up confusion, create an achievable “next steps” action plan and big fun. Email me and we will set up a Virtual VIP…timing is everything. Your time is now in producing your much needed and wanted success. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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