Getting things done and knowing what you want is all about how we perceive January. We make our lists. We make our promises of how we want the year of 2021 to go…creating outcomes and action steps to get us there. We are smart and resourceful, but what do we do when the hours and days fly by??

I remember my first 5K and how I practiced for it. I wanted to do well in my age group and feel proud. Into my schedule I put the days and times I could practice; justify the new shoes and figure out a route that would help me practice and gain strength. The days and weeks went by easily. Soon it was that Saturday morning of my 5K. I was prepared and I also looked pretty good with my “race” clothes and well broken in shoes. I won my age group and was huffing and puffing at the finish line.

I planned, practiced, got better and at the start line I knew I could get to the finish line.

Now today, maybe not so much.

Who of you is following your plan?

Who of you has a plan?

My first coach, Alan Weiss, tells us today that we do can no longer create our idea of success without shifting and changing as the world has shifted and changed in just one year.

The challenge seems to no longer be just what to do, but who am I that is doing what I am doing?

When my clients approach an unknown result, I ask them to first think through what they want as an outcome. When they have an idea of the outcome they want, it provides clarity and direction. They are less likely to be angry; lost; judgmental and filled with resentment when they have provided themselves with an outcome that will work for them; the process; the person; the project; the issue.

The beginning of this promising year, I am not running into uncommitted people. I am running into people who are expressing outrage at that which they cannot control.

May I Share: In the practice and teaching of permaculture, you start with what they call zone 1. It is the zone that surrounds you and is the closest to what needs to be done; that you can see; control; admire; contribute to Easily and daily.

What is your zone 1? Take care of that. Plan for that. Support that. Be willing to visit your zone 1 each and everyday until it becomes that which fully supports you.

Coaching can help you develop your outcomes with small actionable steps that create proud, stress free moments. We ALL deserve that.

To Your Success,

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