In the USA, December is a month of preparation and celebration for Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa – all big big big celebrations with friends, family and our hearts. Each has an exceptionally powerful story and tradition that teaches and supports us. We exchange presents and our love of each other…we remember why the power of these celebrations inspire us.

And throughout the world and on our planet we celebrated the winter solstice with the longest night of the year and to acknowledge the shift into our “winter”.

Jupiter and Saturn found themselves in their much anticipated conjunction – we have not see this “star” for 800 years. Millions watched the night sky as the two seemed to come together and shine like the historic Star of Bethlehem which heralded the birth of the Christ Child and guided the three wise men.

Wherever you are in the history, traditions or beliefs of these celebrations, do know that this time is important and significant…

At my house, Santa and Jesus, get equal billing as my grands are little and awestruck by our Christian traditions.

The lights. The representation of the manger with the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The presents that are slowly showing up under the tree in anticipation of Christmas morning. The music – years old, lyrics we have sung a thousand time and filling us with hope and love and memories.

Yes 2020 is a year to remember and maybe also forget.

But our traditions and the way we give thanks and share our love is strong for the hope for more prosperous and gentle times.

By celebrating these multiple traditions, we create the glue that can surround us with the phrase “You know, next year…”

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives and journey.

Be blessed in all that you think, do and be.

To Our Success,

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