What do you want to believe right now?

There is a children’s book that warns of too much declaring of the negative. “Crying Wolf”. If you do it too often, no one will believe you. There is another book about “the sky is falling” in the book Chicken Little. Again, so much negativity and creating the anxiety without the real issues happening. No wolf. No sky falling.

“But Natalie, the sky is falling”.

Actually, if you take this moment, right now, no sky is falling. You are where you are, breathing and reading. The next moment might be different, but for this moment it is easy and somewhat surreal.

The wise ones say that this moment is really the only moment we have…yesterday is gone and we are not guaranteed tomorrow. We may be endlessly in a loop with the past and tomorrow, but they are not here.

Only we are right here and right now.

I have dear friends who have lost someone to Covid. And there are those who are watching their loved ones be smothered with this terrible virus. We are alert and inundated with negative 24/7 – politics; the economy; school; the world.

What is one to do to be safe in our own heads without calling in more negative because we are afraid or feel out of control?

Be here now. Breathe. Lean against a solid wall and relax. Close your eyes and relax the muscles that have been so tensed for all these months. Let go of all that you cannot solve.

Can you do this? Do you have the ability to let go for 60 seconds? 90 minutes? Half a day? The rest of the week?

That is your biggest priority right now. Taking care of you and your wildly careening thoughts that overwhelm you.

When you reach/create your new normal, will you even have the ability to recognize it or to participate in what you hoped for or prayed for??

We are training ourselves to lose the most basic feelings of well-being by letting the news; thoughts; people; into our safe place…our thinking and our hearts.

May I help you get back to the place where you are strong and confident?

To Your Success,

P.S. My Virtual VIPs are helping people just like you to go beyond coping and begin to really have confidence in what is most important to you. Let’s take action together. Be well and be safe.

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