During this time of chaos and puzzlement, many of you have not felt like you had any choices at all. Well, except for the negative ones you kept (keep) thinking. There is a piece of data that says we have 60,000 thoughts a day and most of them are negative. WOW. That data was collected before 2020 erupted on us. I can only imagine how many of your thousands of thoughts each day even get the light of “positive” as a thought.

We do have a choice in how we live and think. It may not prove to be exactly what we want right now, but it is our choice whether to be happy or sad. It always has been. It always will be.

You can participate in an exciting life, online or in-person, right now. It does not have to be difficult, but it needs to be your choice.

What do you need right now? What do you want right now? What is most important to you right this minute?

A vacation? A party with best friends? Some outside alone time? You can have it all, right here and right now.


Either you can use your imagination or you can check into that which is most important to you.

Here are what my clients are saying would be important to them…after acknowledging – maybe even begrudgingly – that they have choices. Here are some great ones:

  • Helping others – zoom makes that possible 24/7
  • Teaching cross stitch
  • Video you woodworking and sharing

  • Dancing – YouTube will have you up and twirling in seconds

  • Martial arts

  • Painting or sketching – who knew you had such talent
  • Sewing – that is a constant need
  • Exercise – alone or with others
  • Gardening
  • LinkedIn is always looking for volunteer managers and executives to help organizations and nonprofits grow and learn – I know you have some great leadership skills to share
    Meditating – so many different ways of being silent and breathing

I am doing some volunteer coaching – it is fun. I’ve been working at the executive and management level for so long, it is nice to get back to the 101 level and contribute…it keeps you humble and your brain fully engaged.

Try something new! We are doing some very new things here at NMA that is not only a challenge but lots of fun. Creating content and value for our clients and audiences is why we get up in the morning…and go to bed too late at night.

Short Story: I ordered new hiking boots and have been longing to break them in. There has been very little downtime here with our schedule, so I’ve been “thinking” about it, but not taking action. Well at the end of the month, I am proud to say, I have a tiny rustic cabin in the hills of TN with all levels of trails; a terrific fireplace; waterfalls; a lake, and a pile of books I’ve wanted to get to reading. I did it. You can do it too. P.S. While doing my research to see what I could find for a short adventure for me, I found a virtual group that hikes and makes videos of their hikes. So if I cannot go on the hikes, I can watch the videos with my hiking boots on. 😊

Let me ask again, what will you choose right now to take action on?

Taking action will make you feel better and those negative thoughts will decrease…I promise.

To Your Success,

P.S. I have 2 openings for my Virtual VIP for October. What would be most important for you to discuss and then take action on? We can get that started and done together. Book your time with me.

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