There should be a song title “Cussing A Lot”. I’ve noticed that people’s language has deteriorated a bit this year…maybe a lot.

You know you are Stressing when:

  • You shout at the frig on your 4th trip to see what is in it to eat/snack on
  • Your puppy irritates you for doing nothing, just being a puppy
  • You can only find one shoe and you have not been out yet today
  • Your prospect calls are going well and you are grumbling about the new business
  • Your postal person is 90 seconds late delivering the mail
  • Your trash container appears to be shrinking and is full again
  • Your lawn is growing like crazy and needs to be cut again…this month
  • Your political candidate is not perfect
  • You cannot control much of anything, including you

We grownups hate it when we cannot control what we want. There is not much to control today except ourselves and our thoughts.  Remember the good old days when that irritating person at the office; or family member; or commuter ride; or waiting for a table at our favorite restaurant was our biggest issue??

I’ve read lots of new blogs and articles about the importance of being grateful for what we have, not just for what we think we have lost. I like this idea and I know it works.

But…it is very difficult to feel grateful when we are angry, lost, upset, fearful, and feeling a lack of hope.

I do have some immediate help for this, but first I want you to connect with you by breathing and stopping what you are doing. Just stop for a moment and breathe. If you can, find a wall and lean up against it and do your breathing. The wall will feel good and solid while you breathe. Good and solid is a wonderful feeling right now.  I often pop up my office desk and do wall push-ups or just lean against the wall and breathe. It calms me and allows me to take a break from being intense.

Your body needs you to breathe. It needs to know that your lack of deep breathing does not mean it is about to die. Breathing is the most important body function and when we hold our breath or hyperventilate with stress, the body is afraid. We make ourselves afraid by our shallow breathing. Many people get so upset that they hold their breath without even being aware. When you do that, your body begins to be afraid of dying. That is why breathing helps alleviate stress and being subject to panic attacks.

Just breathe. Deeply. Several times. You will experience a very different way of breathing than you are now breathing.

Once you have spent a bit of time letting your body know you are breathing again, then get a pen and paper and make a list of what is most important to you. No more than 5 items. Nothing on your list can be about murdering your neighbor or MIL. I want your list to be positive.

What is most important to you? Do you even know today? You did months ago, but how about today?

Now I think you can understand the next natural step is being grateful.

Grateful you and your state are not on fire. That there is food on the table. The schools are struggling, but trying every day to make public education work. Water still comes out of the kitchen tap. Your MIL has some redeeming qualities. (I am a MIL, so be nice).

I posted my “most important” list on my mirror so I could see it in the morning, first thing. My clients have them posted in the most clever places so they can see them often during their day.

What is most important to you right now?

Now you know what your next steps in reducing your anxiety and stress are.

To Your Success,

P.S. The Virtual VIP sessions are going well – we are creating lots of great results for the people participating.  Let’s set up our time together and support your ability to create high-value results for you, right here and now. Let’s set up our time together and support your ability to create high-value results for you, right here and now.

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