In any leadership development, especially in training new managers and instituting a succession plan, you need to make sure that all the “residue” is known and cleaned up.

Long term employees who have contributed to the growth of the organization, need to be surveyed and find out what is most important to them – where are the issues and problems that need to be addressed and repaired.

Do they need to discuss the culture of the organization and how it works or not? Is there a misstep within the leadership of the group that needs cleaning up? Is there a large elephant in the room that no one ever discusses?

Leaders can do more damage than almost anyone else within the company. Deciding to develop and train a stinker can vacuum the air right out of the time and energy of developing your leaders.

I’ve had senior people in organizations tell me that discussing the residue of what happened in the past is a waste of time. Actually, it is a gift to the new leaders to let them know and discuss the issues that did not work; why not; what the issues caused; what long time approaches were ruined and who the people were/are in the organization that created the issues.

Mergers and acquisitions are the worst. People can get bought and moved around without regard for their organizational wisdom and length of service.

People will always remember how they are treated. Treat them well. Develop respect and trust as part of your ongoing culture.

Stinkers in the organization need to be removed or moved and not allowed to distress the work process and flow. You know who they are. They know who they are.

Don’t promote your stinkers. Do not make them into the new leaders.

There are ALWAYS people who are exceptional who need to be considered for leadership positions. Exceptional people listen; get their work done; contribute and remain curious forever. They are trusted and respected.

The culture of leadership is to take care to let your people know that leadership is important and that you are listening to the suggestions and taking action for the good of all concerned.

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way” has never been more important than now. Take time to look at your population; ask their opinions; seek their counsel and listen to their answers.

Many years ago, my first secretary was someone who had been passed over for promotions because she did not fit the mold of a great admin. In my first professional corporate management position, she created magic because I asked her about what she knew and what created success and great relationships within the male-dominated, engineering, and technology company. I was smart enough to listen and it made all the difference for my success.

Make sure you use and know who has the organizational wisdom within your company and then listen (make them your leaders). It will change the way you do business…in just the best way.

To Your Success, 

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