Way back before any of us were born, terrifically courageous people lived, survived, thrived, and then wrote about it. They have inspired us for hundreds and thousands of years. They faced the most horrific conditions of life: 

  • Being sold as a slave and being separated from all family
  • Bubonic plague that killed 50 million in Europe alone
  • The Armenian genocide
  • Rome failing as the “center” of the world politically and economically

Humans have faced the impossible so many times and survived and then thrived.
There is factual proof that more millionaires were made during the United States depression when there was no work; no food; no government help; many times no hope. People did what they could to find food and keep their families and communities together. People became clever and inspired to never be hungry or afraid again…they powerfully shifted the USA into an economic force.
Our constant connection to the media and information sources keeps us informed, but it also keeps us on edge.
“What is going to go wrong next?”
A more powerful question to ask is “What could go RIGHT/WELL next?”: 

  • What do I want to learn?
  • Where is it that I can apply my help?
  • Who is it that can benefit from my talents and strengths?
  • How do I shift from the negative to the positive?
  • What is most important for me to learn from the history of terrible problems in creating a bright and prosperous future?

The big question of “Who am I” is a lifelong quest. How about instead of overwhelming yourself with that kind of question, you ask “What do I want and need right now?”.

I learned many years ago when I was working to become an Executive Business Coach, that asking “what is important” is not a clear question. The best way to ask that kind of question is this:
“What is MOST important to you right now?”
It clears up for us what is most important; most critical; most essential in our next steps. When you know what is most important to you, you know your values. When you are clear on your values, you are centered, inspired, and confident. I can promise you this…values help us negotiate and create an amazingly “thrive able” life.

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To Your Success, 

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