Take a break from all the information and breathe. I’ve done more reading and research in the past 3 months than in my whole life. May I suggest we take a break from wanting to learn what is actually happening in our world, to just finding a space to be. Out of my research and pounding the keystrokes, came the following quote from Charles Darwin:

This is one of those pieces of information that just rocked me.

Hope?  For what?

You say the old ways; new normal; changes and shifts; being proactive about next steps. The reality is that not much of what we know as “normal” still exists. And what do you want yourself, your human, to do with that??

From the point of view of me being an action taking thought leader, I now know you and I need to “be still and listen” with ourselves right now.

Not the angry fist-pumping stinker in your head, but the heartfelt wants and dreams of the real us.

What do you want? What do you need? What do you dare to dream? What is here, right here and right now, for you to grab and hang onto for dear sweet life?


Yes indeed! Don’t ever forget the emotions of hope. They are sweet. They move us. They deepen the feelings of knowing there is something lovely and different right here and right now for us.

Have you found your “terrificness” yet? Have you been introduced to the still small voice inside you that is humming along as you discover yourself? Are you getting those gut feelings of shifting from anger to anticipation? Would you like to shift your scared and angry feelings?

If so, that is Hope.

In every war, plague, explosion, devastating weather event, we hope that we can survive and thrive. And you know what? We do. History is filled with the worst of anything that can happen and then the amazing human reaction and action to rebuild what is possible.

When we have the moments where we can breathe and feel and find clarity, that is where our life is. I wish you thousands of these moments. Come be hopeful and see how wondrous it really is.

May I help?  CoachNatalie@NatalieManor.com
To Your Success, 

P.S. I am doing VIP days and weekends now (and virtual VIPs). My staff and I have it all figured out how to safely VIP together. We also have a virtual VIP that is a roaring success. What would it feel like to you to get clear; shift to what is most important to you now; find peace and build on your current talents and strengths moving forward…choosing easily your next successful outcomes??  Let’s do this together. In person or virtually. Your choice – terrific outcomes you can totally count on!!!!

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