What will the new emerging normal look like for you?

June 23, 2020

What will the new emerging normal look like for you?

Many of us are still trying to get our heads around how much has shifted and changed in the last 3 months. In asking what is valuable for you and what is next for you might seem like impossible questions to answer especially if you are not sure where you are right now.

Applying the logic and process of a “pros and cons” list has never been more valuable. My guidance would be to find a piece of paper and make two columns. Use your device if that would work more easily for you. On one side is the Pros of where you are and the other side is the Cons of where you are. Listing them makes them real. Once you know what is on your list, you can be in the most powerful place you have ever been…choosing your next steps of where you want to be. It could be your job; money; relationships; health – anything that you value, you get to prioritize and choose.

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Natalie R. Manor

Natalie R. Manor is a consultant, executive business coach, speaker, 5 time author and extraordinary facilitator.  Her consulting firm, Natalie Manor & Associates NMA, has attracted global success seeking clients and organizations for 30+ years.

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