What is that one thing that you continue to ignore and need to get done?

May 29, 2020

What is that one thing that you continue to ignore and need to get done?

Everyone calls it procrastination when we delay doing what we need to do and are supposed to do. I find that not doing something most of the time has to do with “I don’t know how to do it”. We resist the doing because we don’t have all the pieces in place in order to complete it. It could also be that the completion of it brings you to a place of wondering if “it” is good enough.

If you are getting paid to complete something, I would do it sooner rather than later. And even after many questions and delays, ask again what it is that needs to be done. There is no magic that comes in the middle of the night to give you the information you do not have or do not understand…no matter how hard you try. Make sure that the person you are completing this for, is clear with you on what it is that needs to be done. Even if you are late with completing it, you can still confess to not having any confidence you will do “it” well or to the level of expectation. Just ask again for clarity or help.

HOWEVER, if you are delaying because you don’t want to do it wrong, do it anyway. You will feel so good when you are complete and hit send, or mail it, or hand it in to the place that is expecting it. Completion is a chemical reaction in your brain and the brain loves, loves, loves completion. You and your brain deserve to be in joyous sync.

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Natalie R. Manor

Natalie R. Manor is a consultant, executive business coach, speaker, 5 time author and extraordinary facilitator.  Her consulting firm, Natalie Manor & Associates NMA, has attracted global success seeking clients and organizations for 30+ years.

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