Sidewalk Chalk Project Inspiring The World One Quote At A Time ...
Hello, all of you that wonder what the heck is really going on with our world right now.  We have lots of data to help us form ideas and opinions, but much of it is not reliable.  It is reaction data to reaction behavior.
Just an hour ago, I got off a client coaching call with a very classy, powerful, bright, and successful executive.  We both wondered at our world today and what it is that would be most important to “do” at this time.  What was stopping her from taking action for the next brilliant strategic business steps is the idea that not much is the same so what is it we can rely on to help determine the actions to produce high-value results…

She told me of her daily walks around her condo development and the trails that are also incorporated into the development.  With social distancing and her mask, she sets out each day to walk.  What she is surprised by is the joy she encounters.  The people who say hi.  The “presents” on the paths. 
Someone, or many many some-ones, are writing chalk messages of hope and joy on the paths.  She is also noticing many painted rocks along the path with touching words like: 

  • I care
  • You are ok
  • Never alone
  • Smile
  • Breathe

Sidewalk chalk art brightens up Blackfalds streets -  Kindness rocks. That's why this Tucson Facebook group about rock ...
Some of the stones are wonderfully painted.  Others look more childlike in their artistic expression.  There is a large tree along her portion of the path that now has dozens of stones at the base of the tree.
She wondered out loud “Why are we or have been, in such a hurry to get things done – what is or has been, the value of such stressful output?” 
It actually is a brilliant question. 
She works for a terrific company and has developed a synergistic and highly talented team. Everyone is at their home and they are highly productive.  They all are a bit surprised, but not shocked.  Maybe time to consider the next best step for this team since they are already part of the “successful work from home” data.  Those options would never have been on the table 3 months ago. 

I can tell you that these people are evolving quickly because they trust each other and are NOT resistant to the next steps of their evolution.  They could also be doing well because they have a terrific, evolving leader too.  Just sayin’…  

Maybe you would like to have a team; organization; department; like them. 
May I help?
To Your Stressless Success, 

P.P.S.  This to me is one of the most hopeful and beautiful of songs.  Done virtually and brilliantly.  Enjoy!  

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