How do I stop feeling so badly about the shape of the world?

May 08, 2020

How do I stop feeling so badly about the shape of the world?

When you take on the feelings for the world, you exclude the most important aspect of feeling…you. The world is reeling from circumstances that no one could have predicted and most of us cannot even understand. As you take care of you, the world will begin to resolve also.

Feel for you. Take care of you. Breathe for you. Plan for you. My grandkids, when feeling badly, find a place to hide to sort out their feelings. May I recommend, whatever your circumstances, that you have a blanket or sheet that you can cover your entire body with and just sit and breathe. Believe me, this may sound very childish, but it is comforting – and it provides privacy immediately. My grands have become experts at the hide/cover-up and making tents under the dining table. Yes, the feelings get handled too.

My wish for you is that you find an affirmation that works for you and say it until you believe it. “I am OK, really, I am”. This one is a good one to start with – remember to breathe too.

May I help?

P.S. I invite you to download our newly developed “I am OK” video/audio. You are welcome to donate or download for free. It will help you sort out the feelings and to just feel good and be able to say “I am OK”.

Natalie R. Manor

Natalie R. Manor is a consultant, executive business coach, speaker, 5 time author and extraordinary facilitator.  Her consulting firm, Natalie Manor & Associates NMA, has attracted global success seeking clients and organizations for 30+ years.

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