My brothers used to love to make me crazy with April Fools jokes… most of which I believed. I am the baby of the family and was easily tricked by older brothers.

So here is my April Fools for you: The virus is over. The economy is perfect. We all got raises. We are all healthy. We can hug who we want when we want. There is toilet paper in the closet to use. The 20 lbs we gained by being “isolated” is gone. The vacation to Costa Rica is on in two weeks. And the healthcare workers and retail people who stock all the shelves are safe and well.

And then there is what is really happening.

How are you? Most of the emails I’ve received – dozens more than normal – are speaking about the fear we are all experiencing. They also guide us on how to not be afraid.

Be present. Be in this moment. Breathe. Know that you are loved. “Everything will be ok”.

Fear keeps us from being in the moment, but it also tells us where we are in the present. Taking control of this moment is the only job we have right now. Then the next moment. Then the next.

There is NO quicker way to take control of this moment than to breathe. It is immediate and our bodies appreciate the second it feels better with deeper breaths and the lessening of anxiety. When we are born, they ask is the baby breathing? When we pass, they ask did they stop breathing? Our breath controls everything we do.

Our tendency, when we are afraid, is to hold our breath. We breathe in a more shallow way and speed up our breathing to take care of the “afraid” moments.

I shared with you a gif a couple of weeks ago on breathing. Here it is again:

Remember to breathe

My clients, your friends, our families, and colleagues are all experiencing situations they have never imagined before. Control comes at the moment when you breathe and decide that this moment is ok. Just keep doing that. One breath after another. It will not solve the world’s issues, but it will help you become centered, confident and remove some of the self – doubt we are experiencing.

May we help? 

To your success,

P.S. Let me know if you need me. Many of you have been on my list for years. Use my experience and wisdom to help you now.

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