There is stress in such abundance right now. Do not add the stress with the idea that working from home should be easy and a natural behavior… because it is not. I want to share with you today some of the rudimentary steps you can take to make your working from home successful, less stressful and effective. And stop beating yourself up for now working at home and not liking it one bit… or annoyed that it is just not as simple a transition that you thought it would be.

Remember to breathe

Early in my marriage years ago, my then-husband asked me why the dishes sat in the sink all day especially in light of the fact that I was home all day? Not a smart question, but probably it seemed pretty logical at the time. Not many people were working from home and I am sure the expectations were that the home would be “perfect” when the others arrived home.

I have successfully worked from home, before I opened my training center and after selling my training center, for most of my career. The ideas I am about to share with you work well and create an atmosphere of the real world of working at home.

Here is a list of start now decisions for your “working at home” duration:

  • Have a dedicated place to do your work – not sharing the dining room table for food and homework. The size of the space is not important, but it is important that the dedicated space is NOT used for anything other than work.
  • Get up and get dressed; brush your teeth; comb your hair and get ready for work. Being presentable at your workstation will help you be motivated to do good work. We are creatures of habit so make good ones from day one.
  • If there is only one computer in the home, it belongs to work. Dedicated technology, pads, devices, belong to work. Remember, you are being paid to get the work done. Do not give up your computer-monitor-space to ANYONE.
  • If you do not have many devices at home to use technology and you have lots of people now at home, make a schedule. The paid members of the family get priority.
  • Cooking now becomes a very big deal with the family because many of us do not now cook. Make the meals simple. Make more than you need at one meal and freeze the leftovers for a quick heat up for your working lunches. This gal is terrific, has short videos, and great ideas for food.
  • You are not the housekeeper. Not at any time of the day. It is not your job to clean the house during the day, unless it is part of your break time or after work.
  • Schedule breaks so you can keep track of the time and give your body a break from this new normal.
  • Internet time is now for research and staying touch with clients; co-workers; bosses; teammates.
  • Facebook is now for before work or after work. Unless you are in charge of social media, stay off the time-wasting sites no matter how interesting or powerful they may be.
  • Turn the TV off.
  • Decide what time you will be at work and what time work ends. Share this schedule with your family and co-workers. Make sure it works for your boss too.
  • No alcohol, beer or recreational drugs are allowed ever. Remember, when you go back to the official office, drug testing still takes place.
  • Get outside if you can. At least mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Movement will help you stay in touch with your body and reduce stress.
  • Music at work is not at an ear bleed level. Find your favorite music and play it if it is conducive to working. If there are others in the home, use your earbuds.
  • Make sure your work is private at home and ask others to not read your work. I have certain files that I fill each day so I know what I am doing and where my materials are located.
  • Do a schedule of the work that is due and use your devices to keep you on track. Make sure you also keep your teammates and boss up to date on what you are doing; how the timeline is working and if you need any help.
  • Zoom is my favorite communication tool without using the video, only using audio. With video, it makes the contact longer. If you need to see each other, of course, use the video feature.
  • Stay away from texting with everyone and “how are you doing” texts. Pick a time in your schedule to catch up that works for you being effective.

There are so many more ways to be effective and create successful results as a home-based worker. I will continue to share the tips, techniques and strategies that have supported me in being effective and successful in my home-based office.

My next blog will be about how to manage your work and having kids at home. No you will not go crazy and neither will they. Let me know if you need help.

To your success,

P.S. I will be doing a live call next week about working from home and having the kids at home too. Send me an email if you would like to be invited to the call. I will record it so you can share it with others. Be well. Be safe. If you want to have me speak with your organization; bosses; team or clients about the tips, techniques, and strategies about working successfully and effectively from home, then fill in the request to speak form and I will get back in touch asap. We all need to be effective and feel like we have some control of our lives right now.

Remember to breathe

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