This blog will arrive to you a full week into the new year.  3 weeks left of the month.  And that is how fast 2020 will go. 

What is it that you want for your 2020?  Significant to decide because it is a new year and the start of a new decade.  If you stopped someone in your office, networking event, staff meeting, on a team call and asked them what they want from 2020, some of the following might show up: 

  • A new vehicle
  • Better time management
  • A new boss, a new job
  • No more late fees with their debit cards
  • Easy getting up in the morning
  • Less technology and more relaxing
  • Finish their Masters…finally
  • Organize a family reunion with the entire crazy family
  • Exercise more, drop a clothes size or two

None of you are lazy or avoiders of the things that you want.  But what about the actions it will take to participate in the “what I want for 2020”?  

OK Natalie, now here is the problem.  

  • I don’t have enough money
  • My boss is a jerk
  • My partner is a jerk
  • My family is filled with jerks
  • There is never enough sleep, time, energy, space
  • I am overwhelmed with just daily challenges
  • What is the reason anyway…the world is going to hell anyway

One of my mentors pointed out this is the best stock market in decades and yet people are waiting to participate because it “might” go sideways.  It did in 2008…it could happen again.  But what about if you decide to invest, make some money and when it does go sideways, you feel good about the money you have made and are a bit more confident about your next moves.

We have turned into reactive humans.  So many conversations do not take place because they start in anger with no thoughts of discussing…only being righteous.  There are lots of topics you can be right about, but where is the conversation, the relationship, the learning? 

Reaction isolates us.  And it allows us to make the “others” wrong so easily. We do not have to learn anything and can keep on being at the center of our reactions. 

My opening comment becomes even more important.  What do I really want for 2020?  Here is what I would like to help you provide for you: 

  • Less stress, more fun
  • Using your talents and strengths
  • Increased income, better relationships
  • Elimination of the righteous reactions
  • Actual shifting to your best year yet, your way, with a confident swagger (not sarcastic snarl)
  • Good nutrition, sleep, movement and some wealthy, healthy joy

“I can have that?”  Yup and more.  Take a minute and list what would be most important to you this year.  I guarantee it will be a fine way to start making this year 2020, your year.

May I help?

To your success,

P.S.  I am offering “quick coaching” for those of you who would like to have 3 hours of dynamic, results-producing time to start your year.  Send me a personal email and let me know you would like to schedule some time with me.  Your investment is reasonable and the results are immediate.  Read my coaching testimonial page if you want evidence of coaching results.  This opportunity to work with me in this way ends January 31st and must be scheduled by January 27th to get this “quick coaching” opportunity.  I want you to start this year off with confidence and a well deserved “knowing” swagger. Email me here

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