For the past several days I have offered free 30-minute calls to see how your 2019 year is going and to get ready for 2020. It was an offer to have a conversation with an expert on outcomes and goals, me, and just relax and discuss what might be bothering you or eluding you.

Wow and wow.

Every person…EVERY PERSON…I spoke with was consumed with the angst of anxiety, stress, chaos and the lack of self-confidence to operate clearly without reacting negatively to most emails/texts, conversations and changes in projects.

It is like their angry, judgmental, “my way”, 4-year old was inhabiting their bodies. So the result of that was they started judging and criticizing their reactions to what they perceived as negative situations.


As I sat listening with my earbuds, sipping my precious green tea and sitting in my favorite coaching chair, it became even more clear to me that the enemy of the times we live in is us.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. One of the calls was with:

  • Vice President of Marketing (25 years outstanding performance at the organization)
  • Working with a team of 36 people
  • 67mil contract
  • Murky communication has emerged
  • 24/7 pokes from management, client, and team – all reading negative and demeaning
  • Her boss is degrading into an idiot
  • Not sleeping well – phone and iPad 12 inches from her sleeping head
  • On the road 60% of the time
  • Nutrition ok, no supplements, little exercise except her chaotic brain

So, I asked this amazing human what the issue is for her? She said that she is overacting to all communication and spends her days judging the next piece of communication even before it shows up. Also, in her opinion, the client is now shifting and changing expectations hourly.

This actually seems pretty typical to me in the stories and histories that clients share with me.

And I asked her: What is the first thing you would change if you had all the time and money at your disposal? What would a great outcome look and feel like for this situation and your overreacting?

She did NOT say:

  • She needed more training
  • Nor did the team need any additional technical training
  • The location of the project for the client needed to change
  • Her pay was too low
  • Her performance was not good

What she said was that she did not want to feel the way she was feeling. That she was in such a rut, that she had no choice but to react. But she did not know how to shift and change her behavior right here and right now…and it was getting worse each day. She did not like who she had become.

Now all of that is totally coachable and immediately workable. We did some amazing, easy to understand and implement work together.

May I help you?

To your success,

P.S.  I am allowing 3 more days of FREE 30 calls with me.  It was pointed out to me that the timing of the first round of calls was right at Thanksgiving and people might have had their minds elsewhere.  Sign up here.  Have the courage to take a look at where you are right now in 2019 and what you want in 2020.  It is my privilege to share my expertise with you.  Click here to sign up for your call.  Shifting and changing what would be most important to you to immediately change and implement will be discussed and handled on our call together, faster than you ever thought possible. 

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