I love to diddle around my office when I have time. And then when I diddle around my office when I don’t have time, I know I am playing “the big delay”. Avoiding something I don’t want to do or do not feel so very confident about doing.

Difficult conversations have a way of making all of us diddle around. (diddle definition – not doing what we are supposed to be doing for the benefit of all).

There are probably a million good reasons for NOT having difficult conversations. Here are at least 8 we have all experienced :

  • What if the conversation leads to tears?
  • What will I say to begin the conversation?
  • How will I end the conversation?
  • Why am I having this conversation since all of this happened 6 months ago and I have DELAYED what needs to be done?
  • Am I clear about the real issues here?
  • What outcomes do I want from having these difficult conversations?
  • Why did this happen in the first place?
  • When will all of these difficult moments end, once and for all?

The answer to the last question is – the difficult moments will never end. That is why you need to remove your self-doubt about having good success and performance changing conversations that are hard, scary, time-consuming and ultimately totally needed.

You want to have competently structured conversations that are difficult and then, totally successful?

The 11 Essentials document is something I have compiled for teams, individuals, articles, and blogs. Why? Because they work.

Do they work every time you use them? Yes. Why? Because they are based on behavioral performance, they set up the conversations with rapport and structure and provide the situation with the facts, data, history and the issues that need to be solved.

AND IT IS FREE. Don’t you love that???

Share the 11 Essentials with your team; mastermind group; parents of teens; your boss; HR. Everyone can use support and help when faced with a difficult situation that is going to create a potentially difficult conversation.

May we help?

To your success,

P.S. My team talked me into offering “LET’S FIX THIS” with FREE 30 minute coaching calls for you to get your “stuff and concerns” fixed by the end of 2019. So you can start 2020 feeling good and confident. The offer of the free calls are coming out this week. We will be running the calls for 2 weeks only. If you are on my list, you will receive the information. If you have anyone who is struggling, share the FREE offer with them. Let me tell you, if I do anything well, it is to help you FIX what is driving you crazy and has been bugging you for a while. 30 minutes of dynamic help with a mini action plan of what to do next to FIX your concerns. You cannot beat that and it’s all for you.

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