Ok, so what do you want?  Most people really think that the following list is what they want: 

  • Joe in accounting to disappear
  • The morning commute to be 12 minutes
  • Their performance review was real and on time
  • Email would just stop for several hours
  • This week’s travel schedule was to Costa Rica instead of Cleveland
  • Stop texting –  just stop texting
  • Food, exercise, and sleep were easy 

Sound like someone you might know?  Maybe you??

Story:  Emily, a senior executive with high tech organization, told me that she was tired, angry, and lost.  When I asked her what she wanted, she told me enough money in her retirement account and the mortgage paid so she could run away.  She is 37.  I asked her where she would run to and she said Costa Rica sounded good.  I told her it was a great choice, I had been there and all the stories are true.  When I asked her what is most important to her in what she wanted, her answers were very different.  They did not include Costa Rica, running away, or hiding. 
Here are her answers

  • I want me back – I feel lost, filled with self-doubt and wondering “what the hell” most of the time
  • I want my heart to stop beating like I am being chased by a raging bear
  • I want time to slow down so I can see where I am and where I
    want to be
  • I want my relationships to be not only on FB and Instagram
  • I want to use my kitchen to cook not just microwave my coffee
  • I want to have a date with someone really nice and funny
  • I want my money to work for me – I make lots of money and don’t really have anything to show for it
  • I want my team to “get it”
  • I want my boss to “get it”
  • I want sleep to be easy, nutrition easy, exercise easy, life easy

It may sound to you like Emily is a mess and hopeless, but she is not.  She is somewhat lost, but her biggest issue is the speed of her life and the imagined expectations of how she is supposed to operate.

Emily is one of the smartest and most successful females in her field and certainly in her industry.  She speaks at conferences, writes a technical weekly blog, is frequently invited to the executive team’s retreats to report on industry, and to give her “thought leader” opinions.
Emily was exhausted, lost, angry, and seeking changes from how she has arranged her life.
We are having a great time coaching together.  I love the action steps she has been able to take in such a short time and so does she.  Our VIP day time together, plus her leadership, communication behavioral performance assessment highlighted easy shifts for her and also highlighted her talents and strengths for this remarkable woman.

It all started with a simple question I asked her at a conference where I was the keynote speaker.  She had come up to me after my presentation to tell me how much she was stirred by what I shared AND she had questions.  The next steps were obvious and she was ready to take hold of her life and do and know what she wanted.
If you have not asked yourself lately what you want, it is time to ask the question.
Create a safe, slow, warm, easy, natural environment (maybe with a cup of tea, or a glass of wine) and breathe. 
Then ask the question  “What is it that I want”?  Don’t forget the pen and paper or record on your device. 

I would love to work with you and help you not only answer the question, but to help you shift your challenges into successes which work well for you and your world, right here and right now. 

To Your Success,

P.S.  The assessment I mentioned above and the VIP time is powerful for you to slow down enough to know how remarkable you are.  If what you are doing now is not working, then let me support and help you.  Here is the link for the Assessment.  Here is the link for the VIP day.  I am setting up my fall VIP days in Nashville.  If your year is not the way you thought it would be or could be, let me support you and help.  I am really good at it!!!!  Then you will be too!!! 

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