So many smart and clever people come into my life.  I am consistently challenged to learn and grow.  When I read Jack Canfield’s (he was credited for this idea) thoughts on the difference between a 99% commitment and a 100% commitment, I knew instantly why he is considered so wise.

Allow me to walk you through the huge differences between a 99% commitment and a 100% commitment.
99% commitment examples:

  • Being on time:  well they know me, being 5 minutes late this time for the staff meeting will not make a big difference.
  • Project completion:  no one will care if my part of the project is a few days past due – anyway, it takes days to incorporate all the info
    we send in.
  • Eating after 6:00pm:  it is only 5 minutes past 6:00, what harm
    could it do?
  • Saving $150.00 per pay period:  this deal on Amazon is so good, when will I get this kind of discount ever again – I will save the dollars next
    pay period.
  • 50 leg lifts:  I am so tired, I am going to do 20 and call it a night – I’ve been so good about doing them for the past week.
  • Paying the bills:  I don’t have the energy to get started on them today, I will write them tomorrow night.
  • Emails: it is never ending, I will just tell my team that I had other “stuff” to do and will complete them by close of business tomorrow, even though they were due today

100% examples:

  • Being on time:  on time
  • Project completion:  completed
  • Eating after 6:00pm:  no eating
  • Saving $150.00 per pay period:  saved
  • 50 leg lifts:  done and added 10 more to push myself
  • Paying the bills:  when due, paid
  • Emails:  done, answered, kept my commitment to the team

The difference between a 99% and a 100% commitment is your character; how you are treated; whether you are trusted and respected; and can you confidently count on yourself.

Life is easier at 100%.

Stress is lower at 100%.

Your schedule and follow through is amazing at 100%.

Operating your life at 99% gives you an out every time.  It is the difference between a good life and a great life.

“Natalie, I cannot do everything at 100%”.  

How come you can’t??

If you make a commitment, do it well.  Be great.  Be aware of the commitment. Work toward the completion.  You are allowed to ask for help.  Trust me, people love helping someone they can count on to get things done and to care about the completion. 

My coaching practice helps terrific people get back on their 100% track about the “stuff” that is most important to them, be it:

  • Family commitments
  • Relationships
  • Work projects
  • Nutrition
  • Performance
  • Mind, body, spirit needs
  • Balance
  • Creating their own brand professionally
  • Changing careers
  • Using their true talents and strengths

I have spent the last 30+ years helping people just like you create the confident success you deserve and so desperately want.

To Your Success,

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