On Wednesday last week I received a call from a former client who said she was “gripped with fear”.  Now this is one of the most with it, smart, classy, and most powerful leaders I’ve ever coached.
“Natalie, can we talk?”
Of course we can talk.  We talked, set up more time to sort out the areas that are of concern and help her get back to the amazing human she is…getting through the confusion, conflict and chaos that is affecting her right now. 
Do NOT wait until you are gripped with fear before you pick up the phone or zoom with me.  You have wandered in circles for too long wondering why this is happening rather than admitting something is wrong and you want help. 
Do NOT make it worse by waiting so long to ask for support.  You are not a strategic plan or a project that requires the revisiting of calculations.  You are confused.  You are lost.  You need help.
The most successful people on the face of the earth have help…ask for help and support.  The NBA just had their drafts and each one of the players had a coach or has a coached that supported and helped them become a “draft” pick. 
And you are not the only remarkable, brilliant, accomplished leader and/or business owner that is having issues.  Our world is filled with chaos and we are affected by it, whether we like that fact or not.

Here are some tips to help until you relent and pick up the phone and ask or text for help

  • Breathe…often, deeply.  Your body feels less anxiety when you take conscious breaths. 
  • Go find a mirror and talk to you.  Be kind, gentle and sympathetic.  You are hurting and lost.  Take care of that person in the mirror.
  • Move…stand up if you are sitting…walk, dance, jog in place.  Just move.
  • Say nice things to yourself – people call them affirmations or mantras.  Do not be offended by the woo woo words, just speak nicely to you – find one that works for you and repeat it until you find yourself breathing well.  A favorite of mine is “You got this Natalie…You got this”. 

Unless we cut ourselves open or break something in our body, we do not seek help.  Emotional reactions and situations can be as painful as cuts and breaks.  You think they should not be because you are supposed to be strong and “undentable”. 
We are fragile when distressed.  We are not ourselves.  We feel lost and a bit angry that we cannot get it right.  “What is wrong with me?”
This is not the right question.  The right question is “What is it that I need right now?”  

  • A hug
  • Feedback from an important person/my coach
  • Connecting with outcomes that are satisfying
  • A plan
  • Lunch
  • A walk outside, a walk inside, a big drink of water, a deep breath 

You are not the exception to the rules of doing well as a human.  Sleep, nutrition, safety and confidence make us feel strong and capable. 
Strong and capable are great feelings.

Do we need to talk?

To Your Success,

P.S.  I have 3 VIP days open in July that have your name on them.  Come to Nashville or I will come to you.  I bet Nashville is more fun…  You deserve to feel good again; have a plan that works for you and an expert (me) support you while you are getting back on track.  Send me a personal email.  coachnatalie@nataliemanor.com  and we will set up our time together.  Let’s move you from self-doubt back to confident success. 

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