The politics of the world and the news of the world…even just down the street…are so negative and scary.

We have created instant knowledge on any issue going on anywhere in the world. Most of the news feeds that I follow is filled with terrible happenings and opinions on what horrible next thing is coming. The result for me is that I begin to worry about things that I have no control over and really do not need to be in my mental space. 

Your MOST important job is to keep your head and thoughts cleared up for you. 

Example:  I have a terrific client who has made amazing progress on moving her self-doubt to confident success.  She is at a level of sophistication in her thought process that keeps her clear, positive and powerful.  Does she get in trouble with her self-talk? You bet!!  We all do not matter how hard we have worked on welcoming in the positive thoughts and affirmations.  HOWEVER, in a new client situation ($35,000,000 contract) the details came before the celebration.  After a full year of prep, proposal, presentation and then contract signing, she did not celebrate the biggest contract she and her organization had ever closed.  After the handshakes and simple “nice job”, she got to work on the details and execution of the work needed with this new client.  

WAIT right there. 

What we did:  On our coaching call, I made her express all the feelings she had regarding the contract.  From the negative worry to not getting it to the slam dunk feeling when signed.  We laughed, yelled, danced and sang the song Celebrate (sung badly).  I helped her embed the feelings and the memory of the efforts so she would have access to these feelings and actions forever. She owned her part in the contract and now has a wonderful way of congratulating herself.  Woohoo.  In the world of worry and self-doubt, there has to be equal time (at least) to the successes. 

My opinion:  There are so many ideas about using positive affirmations and how they are probably useless and just take up time.  And I am here to tell you that positive, thought-provoking and relevant affirmations are POWERFUL.  I have listened to all the greats who have produced videos on YouTube. There is a new guy on the block for me, Bob Baker, who I want to share with you. This is one of several of his videos and one of the ones I totally like.  Just listen and see if it appeals to you. 

You cannot do this life alone.  So many influence us in positive and negative ways. Celebrate your successes and support yourself in moving from self-doubt to confident success.  You just need to use your earbuds and listen to the positive world you deserve.

Allow me to help you move from the negatives that are weighing heavily on you and shift into the path called “positive self-talk”.  No one ever wasted time by being positive and seeking to support their leadership, communication and behavioral performance efforts. 

Coaching helps too!!  😃

To Your Success,

P.S.  It is rare that I offer free telephone sessions, but I know many of you have questions and just need “a few minutes” with someone you know can help figure out what is next and what is most important to you. That’s me.  Sign up for a call with me.  I would totally enjoy helping you get back on track and feeling good again.  Let’s have a call together.  SIGN UP HERE.   

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