It is 9:07 pm and you know you should be in bed because you do not feel good and tomorrow is a big day:

  • Client meetings/coaching calls
  • Confirmation with your business manager about the new
    keynote content
  • Booking a keynote with a huge conference
  • Talking to the event manager and sponsors
  • Shopping for some shoes that look great, but do not hurt
  • Mentoring the high school finalist for their presentations
  • Picking up one of your grands for yummy time

And you do not feel good.

Coughing, tissues snapping out of the box at high speed and you are pretty sure that is “pink eye” in your right eye.

Life is good except you DO NOT FEEL GOOD.

So I stopped tearing around my home, plopped in my meditation chair, did my breathing and asked myself – “what is most important to you right now?”.  You know what, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed with my puppy, all my pillows and just sleep.

I got my puppy outside to do the last business of the day; plugged in my phone; cancelled my total schedule for the following day.  Now I know the real reason for the ability to text. 

I had some momentary guilt about cancelling and moving meetings, but it all went away when I listened to my body and got into bed. 

It did not go unnoticed to me how privileged I am to be able to cancel all my meetings…that my life is supported by incredible people who can handle it all when I can’t.



When you don’t feel good, how does your life go?  Do you have another way of handling your responsibilities?  Have you put into place the people who can cover for you?  And do you have enough “smarts” to know when you just need to get into bed to sleep and feel better?

May I suggest:

  • A “to do” list that is actually doable
  • Portions of your day where you breathe and appreciate your life
  • Backups that can cover for you and you for them
  • A puppy that will sit with you when you are so very ill

I took a look at my schedule and food to see how I got this tired and this sick. Fortunately, I am able to make some changes that I think will help me tremendously:

  • Increasing my movement during the day – call it exercise if you like, but less screen time
  • Making sure I have water with me everywhere I go – my reusable water bottle is purple – hard to lose or miss
  • More consistency with my vitamin supplements
  • A better prioritizing of my “to do” list – what can I actually get done and what actually is a priority
  • Asking for help

I am feeling better.  Thank you for caring.

How are you doing??

To Our Success,

P.S.  Let me know about taking our leadership, communication and behavioral performance assessment. This past week I’ve debriefed several people and everyone has found their assessments valuable, informative, problem solving and key to their “next” decisions about their personal and professional lives.  Powerful huh??  I personally debrief the assessments with you and that adds an element that I think is the frosting on the cake.  Email me at my personal email and let me know you want to do your assessment right away.  It is information you need, want and deserve…right here and right now

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