In the good ole’ USA, spring is supposed to be here.  Warm breezes and hope of sunny days with lots of flowers, golf and relaxing.  If you are a gardener of any kind, you are probably either buying plants or surely planting seeds for the summer and fall crops. 

I grew up in a golfing family, so anyone with that passion is polishing the clubs; buying new balls; checking out their last season gloves, practicing their swing and looking to book some tee times.

Corporations are sending out their notifications for the stockholders’ meetings; CPAs are hoping that their clients will get them the paperwork BEFORE the 15th and the recitals for the dance lessons start in another month.

The kids are growing so fast everyone needs new shoes and pants.  Gramma and Grampa are coming for a visit, so the guest room is getting cleared out and the “stuff” put somewhere else.  Oh, and the family vacation is being planned; performance reviews are due and the on-boarding of the new senior engineer requires a 90-day outline to the entire global team.


But…what are your priorities?  What about you? 

Don’t you get to do some planning and prioritizing for you?  You say you have no time for you?  Well, you better rethink that because stress has moved from the polite nerve-racking issue to full onset of anxiety that stops the whole show, including you, your team, your family and your performance.

Here are some of the top tips to keep you as a healthy priority.  BTW, these are tried and true tips, techniques and strategies straight from my very remarkably healthy and happy clients:

  • Breathe – deep breaths several times a day.  Use your alarms on your device.  It is a life saver and your body/mind/spirit will thank you for setting an alarm 3-4 times a day to remind you to breathe.
  • Vitamin C – no I am not a doctor, but vitamin C is a soother of our stress.  Women use it up faster than men, but we all need it.  You can take a supplement or find a lovely liquid to support your stressed out and depleted body.
  • Movement – yes I know you are too busy during the day to exercise. What, no you are not…one of my favorite exercises that can be done anywhere with no equipment is the wall push up.  Find a wall, lean in and do 10-20 pushups.  No sweat, but your body feels better.  Get up and move.
  • Affirmations – hang them on your bathroom mirror, put them in your device notes, make them part of your calendar notes, find a YouTube video and play it in the background.  I like this one. It is a subliminal, lasting an hour, and can be played in the background while you work, sleep or play.

The tips here take only a bit of planning and are easy to implement.  Right now!! 

Start your thank you note to me now, because these tips will make a huge difference for you and how you are feeling.

BESIDES, you deserve to be your priority.

To Your Success,

P.S. Send me a personal note and let me know you want to do some coaching; take the leadership, communication, behavioral performance assessment or come do a VIP day with me.  Powerful stuff.  Its all about choice and awareness.  Maybe now is the time for you to choose for you. 

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